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Learning From Ambedkar

Learning From Ambedkar

Learning From Ambedkar

When the Supreme Court delivered its verdict on the controversial issue of triple Talaq, it could be one of the leading independent legal norms in Indian history. If the SC was to declare the triple Talaq unconstitutional, it could pave the way for the establishment of a uniform civil code (UCC) – an ideal that has been a significant demand of the BJP for a long time.
But as the arguments and contrast arguments are expressed in court, it is worth examining the years prior to the Indian Hindu Code billing. It is pertinent to invoke this incident for two reasons: one of us, much of our current debate on the UCC and the triple Talaq controversy is still under the shadow of this historic event.
Second, the pioneering role that B. R. Ambedkar played in advancing these bills. It is important to remember the degree of opposition that accounts have accumulated during this period. For example, in March 1949, the Anti-Hindu Bill Committee was formed, which received broad support from clerics and other conservative lawyers. As Ramachandra Guha chronicles India after Gandhi, the committee will campaign against reform projects from one place to another.
At these meetings, its main participants, including several members of the RSS, are trained to be “religious warriors” who fight against a religious battle. On 11 December 1949, the RSS held a mass demonstration in Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi, where its members have denounced the bill in the strongest possible terms. The following day, a march was organised by the Constituent Assembly, where the effigies of Ambedkar, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah were burned.
The version of the bill that Ambedkar wanted was not to take place again. With the first imminent general elections, for fear of a massive Hindu game, Nehru had to make concessions. On the other hand, in the Constituent Assembly, many modifications were requested to the original proposal; It took more than a year to get a maximum of four clauses. Finally, the bill ended. This prevented Ambedkar from resigning as Minister of Justice.
At one point in his resignation letter, Ambedkar, expressing surprise, wrote: “The Council of Ministers unanimously decided that [the bill] is in place in this Parliament … During the debate, the Prime Minister introduced a new Proposal, namely, that the bill as a whole can not be passed in. The prime minister suggested that we choose the wedding party and divorce.

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India has been victim of terrorism, says Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia

India has been victim of terrorism, says Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia

India has been victim of terrorism, says Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia

US President Donald Trump said India was one of the nations that have been the victims of violent terrorist attacks. As for the various terrorist incidents in the US, Trump said that Europe, the nations of Africa and South America, India, Russia and China have been subjected to terrorist attacks. He spoke at the Riyadh Summit.
“The United States has suffered repeated barbaric attacks from September 11 atrocities in the devastation of the Boston bombings of hideous murders in San Bernardino and Orlando.” The nations of Europe also endured unspeakable horror. Similarly, the nations of Africa and South America. India, Russia, China and Australia were all victims, “he said.
He also said it was an Arab, Muslim and Middle East, where the death toll was the highest, saying that the “humanitarian and security catastrophe” that began in this region is spreading around the world. “… in large numbers, the deadliest figure was imposed on the innocent people of the Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East.They have led the worst part of the killings and the worst destruction in this wave of fanatic violence. Say that more than 95 percent of the victims of terrorism are themselves Muslims. We now face a humanitarian and security catastrophe in this region that spreads across the globe, “he said.
The President of the United States, in his speech, urged leaders of the Middle East to fight against a “crisis of Islamic extremism” that arose in the region. He said that the fight against terrorism was a “battle between good and evil” and not a conflict between the West and Islam. During a meeting of more than 50 Arab and Muslim leaders, he tried to chart a new direction for the United States’ role in the region, one to fight terrorism, with less emphasis on promoting human rights and democratic reform.
This is the first visit to Donald Trump Abroad and his speech was the highlight of his two-day visit. The Saudi king also congratulated Donald Trump on his highest civilian order. Trump has brought a $ 110 billion arms package to its customers to bolster Saudi security and a series of trade deals.

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When it stops being about the hardware: Google’s way forward and an all-new kind of cloud

When it stops being about the hardware: Google’s way forward and an all-new kind of cloud

When it stops being about the hardware: Google's way forward and an all-new kind of cloud

It was noted repeatedly and with many words that Google has not announced any material on the Google I / O 2017. Do not worry we really talk about Daydream standalone devices and new partners Auto Android, Internet wants to hear about phones! All phones! What we have heard tells us that Google phones are no longer important. Google advance in order to require only the equipment, not necessarily Android-based material to use their services. This is exactly how it started a few years ago.
Google I / O has always been a developer conference, not a product announcement or an exchange meeting. Google still offer a phone or two later this year, but Pixel phones are designed to highlight the services the company wants you to use and make sure they work properly without third shenanigans. If we can believe in the collective power of rumors on the Internet (and that should in this case), we expect HTC to create the pixel material for at least another year. But none of the current sessions on Google I / O last week worried about that. We still see large machines with companies whose products use Google services: Samsung and Apple. They are manufacturers of some beautiful pieces of art and two companies in direct competition since both are the same: hardware, software and services. But above all, they make the team we like.
Google, however, since Microsoft is not a hardware manufacturer. This has never been, despite the existence of Chromecasts, Google and Microsoft Surface Tablet Homes. It provides Internet and cloud-based services, and make them do things that we like, all continue to use them. As we have seen Microsoft earlier this month, it is now what can happen on any screen. And Google believes it knows how to get their attention and maintain it: by creating better services using artificial intelligence.

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Best smartphone under 10000 in India

Best smartphone under 10000 in India


There are just a bunch of phones around Rs 10,000, so it’s no less a daunting task to choose the best one.

We have compiled a list of 10 best smartphones less than 10,000 brands for this month so that your homework becomes easier. These include only the 4G models, as it is not logical to get a single 3G phone. To make matters clear, hybrid phones with SIM slot allow you to place a second SIM card or microSD card, but not both at once. So this can be considered as an inconvenience.



Not to be confused with camera specifications from the above list, we have made a list of specifications such as (megapixel) and (open), generally a larger aperture, better camera. This means a smaller number in the denominator, the smaller the aperture is large. For example, f / 1.9 is a larger f / 2,0 aperture. A larger aperture camera works much better in low-light situations and produces sharper images. It also produces better rest.


These are the 10 best 4G mobile phones under 10 years in India (2017):


1.       Xiaomi redmi Note 4: 1080p 2 GB / 3 GB RAM 16 GB / 32 GB ROM 13 MP Android 6.0
2.       Lenovo K6 Power: 1080p 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13MP Android 6.0
3.       Panasonic Eluga Note: 1080p 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 16MP Android 6.0
4.       Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus: 1080p 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13MP Android 5.1
5.       Acer Z630S: 720p 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 8MP Android 5.1
6.       Panasonic Eluga Mark 2: 720p 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13MP Android 6.0
7.       Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime: 720p 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13MP Android 6.0
8.       Panasonic Eluga X Ray: 720p 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13MP Android 6.0
9.       Moto E3 Power: 720 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 8MP Android 6.0
10.   Moto G4 game: 720 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 8MP Android 6.0


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OnePlus 5 Leaked GeekBench Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8+

OnePlus 5 Leaked GeekBench Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8+


 OnePlus 5 Leaked GeekBench Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8+

OnePlus 5 Leaked GeekBench Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8+ While the OnePlus 5 still has the vague launch timeline of ‘Summer’ this year, the smartphone’s benchmark performance has made its way to the Internet. If the leaked GeekBench scores are to be believed, the upcoming flagship from OnePlus outperforms two other smartphones that also feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is expected to be present on OnePlus 5 as well.OnePlus 5 GeekBench fuite Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8 + Alors que OnePlus 5 a toujours le vague calendrier de lancement de ‘Summer’ cette année, la performance de référence du smartphone a fait son chemin vers Internet. Si les résultats de GeekBench perdus sont à croire, le nouveau phare de OnePlus surpassera deux autres smartphones qui incluent également le Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, qui devrait également être présent sur OnePlus 5.

Selon une image filtrée, obtenue par GSMArena, le smartphone OnePlus 5 a obtenu un score impressionnant de 1963 (single-core) et un score gigantesque 6687 (multi-core). Fait intéressant, les résultats multi-core ont aidé le téléphone à sécuriser le top spot de la liste GeekBench 4. En termes de performance unique, le téléphone a été en retard sur l’iPhone 7 Plus de Apple et la variante de processeur Exynos 8895 du smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 +.
Aunque el OnePlus 5 todavía tiene la cronología de lanzamiento vaga de ‘Verano’ este año, el desempeño de referencia del smartphone ha hecho su camino a la OnePlus 5 Leaked GeekBench Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8 + While the OnePlus 5 still has the vague launch timeline of ‘Summer’ this year, the smartphone’s benchmark performance has made its way to the Internet. If the leaked GeekBench scores are to be believed, the upcoming flagship of OnePlus outperforms two other smartphones that also feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is expected to be present on OnePlus 5 as well.OnePlus 5 GeekBench fits Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8 + Alors OnePlus 5 toujours le vague calendrier de lancement de ‘Summer’ cette année, the performance of référence du smartphone a fait are chemin vers Internet. If you are the owner of GeekBench, please note that the phone number of the OnePlus will be surpassed by other smartphones including Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which may be deferred to one or more of the OnePlus 5.

Selon unites image filter, obtain pair GSMArena, the smartphone OnePlus 5 to obtain an impressing score of 1963 (single-core) and a gigantic score 6687 (multi-core). In terms of performance unique, the Téléphone à été en retard sur l’iPhone 7 Plus de Apple et la variante de proceseur Exynos 8895 Du smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 +.
Although the OnePlus 5 still has the vague launch chronology of ‘Summer’ this year, smartphone benchmark performance has made its way to the Internet. If the filtered GeekBench scores are believed, OnePlus’ next flagship outperforms two other smartphones that also feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is expected to be featured on OnePlus 5 as well. OnePlus 5 GeekBench Fuite Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8 + Alors than OnePlus 5 to always the vague lancement schedule of ‘Summer’ this year, the reference performance of the smart phone to his son w-Exon of the Galaxy S8 + to Surpass Serial Snapdragon 835 son in des tests de référence antérieurs.In comparison, Samsung Galaxy S8 + (Snapdragon version 835) gets a score of 1929 in a single core and 6084 in multi-core, while Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium smartphone gets a score of 1943 in a single core and 5824 In multi-Core, selon le rapport. As two smartphones can also process Snapdragon 835, the performance of OnePlus 5 semble extrêmement impressnante.Other than the phone’s functions, the screen capture is also compatible with Android phone Android 7.1.1 Nougat based on the company’s own OxygenOS.The performance of the production units can vary depending on the units of detail and that is why the consultants of the service providers that offer the OnePlus service 5.According to a filtered screenshot, obtained by GSMArena, the smartphone OnePlus 5 obtained an impressive score of 1963 (single-core) and a gigantic 6687 (multi-core) score. Interestingly, multi-core results helped the phone get the top spot on the GeekBench 4 list as well. As for the performance of a single core,ay to the Internet. If GeekBench results are lost, the new OnePlus phare also includes other smartphones that also include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which can also be present in OnePlus 5.

Selon unites image filter, obtain pair GSMArena, the smartphone OnePlus 5 obtained an impressive result of 1963 (single-core) and a gigantic score 6687 (multi-core). GeekBench 4. In terms of unique performance, the summer phone on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the Exynos 8895 processor variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 + smartphone.

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Growth prescription of the Union n Government

Growth prescription of the Union n Government

The Union government is plan­ning to put in place a National Rubber Policy. This maiden policy for the ?75,000-crore rub­ber industry, aims to set up a glob­ally competitive domestic production base. Following a demand for such policy framework from the indus­try, the Union commerce minis­try constituted in June this year an expert committee, chaired by addi­tional secretary, plantation. The expert committee, which comprises representatives from relevant minis­tries, Rubber Board, growers, proces­sors, consumers, research bodies and trade, has already in August convened its first meeting, when it has asked all the stakeholders to submit their vision documents. Based on these submissions, sub-committees will be formed to formulate a comprehensive draft policy by the end of this year.

According to the commerce min­istry notification, the terms of refer­ence for the expert’s committee are comprehensive and include review of growth and current status of the rubber sector covering natural rub­ber, synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber as also rubber products. It will review and assess the demand and supply of all types of rubbers, taking into account projected demand and export potential of rubber products in the next 10 years, as also inden- tify opportunities and challenges in the rubber sector. Besides, it will also deliberate on the concerns of rub­ber growers over the stated imports of natural rubber and their impact on the domestic prices and suggest appropriate measures and tools to protect their interest. The committee, among others, will also suggest pol­icies as regards incentives, taxation and other regulatory measures with a view to enhance production of natu­ral rubber and competitiveness of the rubber industry.


Singhania, vice chairman, Auto­motive Tyre Manufacturers’ Asso­ciation (ATMA), says, “India enjoys a unique position both in terms of verdant natural rubber plantations as also rubber and tyre manufac­turing which has stood the test of time. Unfortunately, India’s poten­tial in the sector has not been fully harnessed. We do hope the policy will address the issues of all stake­holders to meet the objectives of growth and employment through manufacturing excellence.”

At a cross roads The domestic rub­ber industry is at a cross roads as 6,000-odd manufacturing units are currently finding it difficult to source the basic raw material, i.e. natural rubber on account of inad­equate availability, even as they are already fighting hard to overcome other challenges ranging from higher input costs to cheaper imports due to inverted duty structure. Over the last few years, while the consumption has grown considerably, the produc­tion of natural rubber has not been able to keep pace with the require­ment. In fact, the consumption has surpassed the natural rubber pro­duction by around 1 lakh tonne to around 10 lakh tonne. Even as the consumption has increased at a CAGR M of 7-8 per cent in the last decade, the z production of raw rubber has lagged 5 behind due to a much slower growth o rate of 3-4 per cent. The mismatch 5 is expected to widen further going forward if no remedial measures are taken on time.

According to AIRIA, the domes­tic rubber industry, dominated by MSME manufacturing units in dif­ferent clusters across the country, is facing tough situation in the wake of inverted duty structure as also the free trade agreements signed by India with various South Asian coun­tries. Cheap imports of finished rub­ber goods over the last few years have gone up considerably. At pres­ent, the finished products can be eas­ily imported as the import duty on rubber products is between 0-10 per cent, while the duty on raw materi­als for the rubber industry is rang­ing between 5-70 per cent. A recent survey conducted by the industry body has shown that 990 units (i.e. 40 per cent) have closed down in Pun­jab, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu during the last five years due to cheap imports of rubber goods.

Currently, the domestic rub­ber industry, manufactures over

  • kinds of rubber products and employs around 4.5 lakh employ­ees. As against the global scenario, the Indian industry predominantly is based on natural rubber (70 per cent), even as the share of synthetic rubber as raw material has gradually increased over the last few years on account of surge in demand from the automobile sector. Almost 80 per cent of synthetic rubber consump­tion of 450 tonnes is imported from countries like China, South Korea Russia and Japan. Reliance Industries and Indian Synthetic Rubber Ltd, a joint venture promoted by Indian Oil, TSRC Corporation, Taiwan, and Marubeni Corporation, Japan, are the two major producers in the domestic market. At present, the tyre sector accounts for around 60 per cent of the total industry turnover, while the rest consists of the non­tyre sector manufacturing products including footwear, belting, hoses and cables and wires.


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Glow up India is Giving Beauty service at door step in Mumbai without any Funding

Glow up India is Giving Beauty service at door step in Mumbai without any Funding


Glow up India is Giving Beauty service at door step in Mumbai without any Funding



Most of the people must go for the beauty services at a doorstep, which gives the better quality of the fairness without wasting more money. It is the great way to get the beauty services at the home with less money.

The Glow up India is providing beauty services at the doorstep in Mumbai without any funding.

In the modern times of the Mumbai, many of the people are connected with the Glow up India beauty services, which is the better place to get the better beauty services at the home.

It is very common to go to the salon for beauty services, but the beauty services at the doorstep are the better option for everyone because door step beauty services provide the less funding in the modern times.

Generally, in the season of marriage, the groom need to go to the salon, which becomes expensive for them. But, if they will go for the doorstep services at home by the Glow up India, then it can be profitable for them.

It is the better way to choose the beauty services at the home for saving your valuable time with less funding.

Most of the people may order the Glow up India at the doorstep to get the better facility at the home.

The Glow up India beauty services is proving that it is more convenient for the people and also more beneficial for the people.

In Mumbai, the Glow up India beauty services at home is becoming very easy to get the beauty treatment at the home without any funding.

If you will go for the beauty salon services to the outside, it can be much expensive for you, but when you go for doorstep service, then it can easy for you.

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Manchester ‘explosions’: Police confirm ‘number of fatalities’ after reported blast

Manchester ‘explosions’: Police confirm ‘number of fatalities’ after reported blast

Manchester 'explosions': Police confirm 'number of fatalities' after reported blast

Police confirmed that there are a number of deaths after reports of an explosion at the Manchester Arena.
Emergency services are in place and Greater Manchester Police said there were “a number of confirmed and injured deaths.”
In a message on his Twitter account, the force has added: “Avoid the area as the first respondents who work tirelessly on the scene.” The details of a claims office will follow as soon as possible.
Witnesses said they heard two loud noises inside the arena and get to where the bars are.
Manchester Victoria station, which fell on the sand was evacuated and all trains were cancelled. Majid Khan, 22, said: “My sister and I, along with many others, saw Ariana Grande occur at the Manchester Arena, and we were all out of place, at 10:40 am to 10:45 a.m., Huge blast who bombs shook everyone and all of us were trying to get away from the scene.
“It was a sudden and essentially all on the other side of the arena where the noise was suddenly rushed towards us as it tried to get out of the Trinity Way and was blocked off so that everyone would go to any exit they could find As quickly as possible.
“Everyone was in a huge panic, remembering how some had gone to the bathroom while out, so it was very disturbing for everyone.”

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Confidence/ Balance And Honesty In Approach Are The Key To Success

  • was happy and excited. Since it was my second interview, I had prepared myself for it soon after the Mains. I read newspapers, magazines and worked on my Home State and city. I also prepared my subjects well.

I dressed up in a fine light yellow saree and wore small earrings and light lipstick for the interview. Since I was the last candidate to be interviewed in the group, I utilised the time by reading newspapers and talking to everyone. I got Vice- Admiral Inaamdar’s Board.

The Board Members were cordial, as I entered, but later on, they tried to stress me to check my patience. The first question was about my date of birth. The last question was on my opinion about the Board Members.

The members did not ask the questions abruptly, but the Chairman interrupted in each member’s turn and

— Ms. Shammi Abidi, IAS Topper

tried to grill me. I think that the most ticklish question was—how is a house constructed and what is the difference between fat and margarine ?

Even though the Members tried to stress me out, I tried to answer the questions confidently; I made no guesses for the questions which I didn’t know and said ‘sorry’ for not answering. When I came out, I was a bit worried about my interview which went on for about 45 minutes more than the other candidates’ in my group.

In the light of my own experience, I can say that one needs to be balanced and honest in one’s approach in the interview. It must be kept in mind by a candidate that the interview is not so much the test of knowledge as the assessment of his/her personality. So, it is imperative for a candidate to maintain his/her inner poise and balance in every situation.            fgra




sessions with friends, seniors or college professors. Knowledge plus application will crown you with positive and brilliant success.

The Candidate

Vivek Chadha is a good-looking young man oft an athletic build. He is full of confidence and does not look nervous before his interview for the IAS. His height is average, but his slim constitution makes him look taller than he actually is. As he is of fair complexion the carefully trimmed moustache adds to his attractive looks. His hair is closely cropped and he sports a military hairstyle. He has dressed himself very properly for the formal occasion and chosen the colour of the dress according to his refined taste. He wears dark-blue trousers, light-blue shirt and striped beautifully knotted tie, all of which show him to advantage as a well-dressed individual of taste and distinction. His shoes are well polished and shine without any speck. The socks are pulled up and stay in position. Finger nails are trimmed and clean. In brief, with well-tailored, fitting dress, proper hygiene and proper care to details like hair-cut, combing of hair, tie-knot, polishing of shoes and so on, he looks elegant and impressive. His upright bearing matches with his dress and turnout. He holds himself erect, head and shoulders high ancKwalks with firm, confident steps. Before approaching for the interview, he remains calm, collected,
cool and composed. His measured steps and purposeful movements indicate self- confidence and resoluteness. His eyes reflect enthusiasm, interest and warmth. He enjoys a cheerful disposition with a friendly smile playing on his lips. He is fully at ease in meeting, mixing and making friends with other candidates who are all strangers to him. There are a couple of lady candidates present and he has no inhibition or hesitation in greeting them, introducing himself and carrying on a pleasant conversation with them. His deep voice conveys friendship and sincerity. He makes others feel important and wanted by his special, individual attention. When his turn for the interview comes, he bids good-bye to all with whom he was engaged in lively discussions and briskly walks towards the interview room. Before walking in, he gently knocks at the door, waits for a few seconds to observe the formality of obtaining permission to proceed inside. After getting in, he closes the door gently, turns on his heels noiselessly and walks up towards the desk behind which the Chairman and Members are seated. On approaching the chair meant for the candidate, he comes to a smart halt, clicks his heels to attention and greets the Board in a clear, audible and cheerful manner.

The Interview

Chadha : (With a pleasant smile on his lips and radiating warmth and interest in his eyes, he looks up to the Chairman and Members
and proceeds to greet them.) Good morning to you all, Sirs. (He continues to remain in attention position awaiting the response from the Board).

3rd Member (A retired General from the Army) : (Observing and appreciating the correct and smart way in which the candidate has been standing at attention position) Mr. Chadha, your records do not show that you underwent any NCC or other military training. Nevertheless, you seem to have had fairly good exposure to it. How did you manage it ?

Chatfiia : (Obeying the orders and changing to ‘at ease’ position) Thank you, Sir. My training is rather informal and a by­product of my sports activities. I was an active and keen sportsman both at school and college and the sportsmen are also required to do the march past. Thus one of the instructors from NCC taught us the foot drill.

3rd Member : This is very good. By the way, please be seated.

Chadha : Thank you, Sir. (He sits down smartly without any unnecessary movements).

Chairman : From the information you have given in your biodata, we have come to know that you belong to Punjab. Can you tell us something about the geographical location of your State?

Chadha : Why not, Sir? I can certainly tell. Punjab is bound by Jammu & Kashmir in the north, Rajasthan and Haryana in the south, Himachal Pradesh in the east and Pakistan in the west.

Chairman : Can you tell us about the history of your State in brief?

Chadha : Yes, Sir. I know the history of my State very well. My State is called Punjab due to its five rivers. The Vedic Civilisation got its birth and the great Vedas were composed on the banks of these rivers. During the medieval ages, it played an important role in deciding the fate of a number of ruling dynasties of the country. After the downfall of the Mughals and the Marathas, Ranjit Singh established in Punjab a strong set-up which was patriotic and secular. Today, only the eastern part of that Punjab is with us as the State of Punjab. The western part went to Pakistan after Partition which is also called the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Comments : The candidate has come out with flying colours in his encounter with the Chairman. He shows originality, moral courage and high sense of responsibility. He displays a positive approach. He does not hesitate to tell what he knows, but he does so with tact, restraint and wisdom. He goes by facts than by opinions and dogma.

3rd Member : You have indicated that your hobby is amateur dramas. How could you find time for dramatic activities when you are tied up in sports all the time ?

Chadha : We have the rehearsals, mostly at night. This suits the other members of our local dramatic club also as most of them are office-goers. In any case, I act only in two or three dramas in a year.

3rd Member : Can you give some more details about your hobby, I mean, “what roles do you play in the dramas?” Where and by whom are they organised and put on board ? Who finances them ? Do you follow my questions ?

Chadha : (With a pleasant smilej We have a recreation club in our locality, Sir, and it has a dramatic wing along with other club activities like tennis, swimming, library, etc. At the moment, I happen to be the secretary of the dramatic set-up. The club provides some funds and bulk of the expenses are met through sale of tickets when we stage the dramas. We also bring out a brochure on the occasion of staging a play and the advertisements in the brochure are another source of revenue. The members of the dramatic wing also pay a nominal monthly subscription.

Comments : This candidate has created a very favourable initial impact. The first plus point has been bis smart turnout and bearing. His dress, grooming and posture have been very good. Secondly, his cheerful disposition and keenness have been major assets. Next, he speaks clearly, crisply, fluently and audibly with poise and self-assurance.

4th Member : How the independence of the judiciary in India is being ensured ?

Would you say it is functioning with independence as it should be ?

Chadha : To a great extent, the independence of the judiciary is safeguarded by the Constitution itself. Once appointed, the judges cannot be removed except through impeachment by Parliament and they can serve till they attain the age of retirement. In a ruling that the primacy of the judiciary in judges’ appointments was embedded in the basic structure of the Constitution, the Supreme Court in October, 2015, declared unconstitutional an amendment to validate the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) Act, which had contemplated a significant role for the executive’in appointing judges in the higher judiciary. A five-judge bench ruled that the appointments of the judges shall continue to be made by the Collegium System in which the Chief Justice of India will have the final say.

4th Member : Would you say that the independence of the judiciary is vital for the survival and growth of democracy ?

Chadha: (Smiles) Well, Sir, there cannot be two opinions that judicial independence is really essential for survival of democracy. Whenever the Fundamental Rights of an individual are threatened, he can approach the courts for the safeguard of the same. If there are no courts, who would rectify the wrong done to him ? Courts are guardians of the Constitution which is the backbone of democracy. In India, as in England, the Parliament is supreme and the judiciary cannot set aside any law passed by the legislature except when it infringes the basic structure of the Constitution.

4th Member: Do you not think that in our country, judiciary has enjoyed a better status than it is doing in the United Kingdom ?

Chadha : Yes Sir, I agree with you. Despite supremacy of the Parliament, the judiciary in the United Kingdom is not enjoying real independence as compared to India. However, the British tradition, public opinion, free Press, etc. ensure that each organ of the government plays its assigned role without interfering in the jurisdiction of others. Thus, for the growth and survival of democracy, I agree, judicial independence which accepts and respects the independence of the legislature and executive and also of the electorate, is essential.

Comments : The grasp of this candidate is excellent and he is able to visualise the moot points of complex and controversial question with intelligence and imagination. He is able to take a firm and original stand, argtce his case logically and rationally and drive home his point with conviction. He bases his argument on merits and approaches each issue objectively and dispassionately. His knowledge is extensive and he is able to analyse the implications clearly.

5th Member : In January 2016, the International Atpmic Energy Agency officially announced that Iran had fulfilled requirements to limit its nuclear activities. What does it mean for Iran?

Chadha : Sir, as far as I perceive, it will have a long-term importance for Iran. Iran can now sell much more oil and gain control of approximate $100 billion in impounded money. It will end a long-drawn isolation which has pushed the country into an economic crisis.

5th Member : What did the IAEA do to verify that Iran’s atomic work remains peaceful for at least next 15 years?

Chadha : Iran reduced its low- enriched nuclear stockpile by 98%. Only 300 kg of uranium was left with it that was not enough to weaponise. The bulk of uranium was exported to Russia by December 30, 2015. Besides, Iran dismantled 12,000 centrifuges that it used to enrich uranium. It removed and disabled the core of the nuclear reactor in Arak that could have produced roughly two weapons’ worth of plutonium every year.

5th Member : Can you tell what sanctions were lifted ?

Chadha : Certainly Sir, why not? The European Union revoked restrictions on trade and investment in oil, petrochemicals, metals, shipping, shipbuilding and other transportation industries. as well as banking, insurance and other related services. Besides, visa bans and asset freezes on companies and individuals were lifted. The US will create special licences to facilitate its manufacturers to sell civilian aircraft to Iran. Iran is supposed to acquire 400 to 600 new planes at present. But even now, Iran cannot use the US banking system.

Comments : The candidate has kept himself fully abreast of national and international developments. His views are well considered and mature. His arguments are based on published facts and imaginative interpretation.

6th Member : As the recent attack on the Pathankot airbase has been doing the rounds, do you think that Pakistani political dispensation was not responsible?

Chadha : Sir, to my mind, the Pakistani political dispensation was not directly responsible for it. In fact, no democratic set-up tries to be inimical to that of a neighbour country, because democracy is the system for the people. What makes the Pakistani claim that the Government was not a party to it more plausible is that the attack was carried out just nine days after PM Mr. Narendra Modi’s stopover in Lahore. It was thought to be a gesture of friendship between two PMs which could have translated into a long-term solution to all the outstanding contentious issues.

6th Member : But given the strategy of the terrorists it seems that they had the tacit support of the high-ups in Pakistan. How do you see it?

Chadha : Sir, as far as I believe, this well-planned attack was meant to scuttle the new peace initiatives of PM Mr. Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Mr. Nawaz Sharif. It was hoped that the unprecedented gesture of PM Mr. Modi visiting Lahore would bring about the thawing of the cold and strained relationship between India and Pakistan. Analysts had also anticipated that the rogue and hawkish elements in the Pakistan army and ISI would almost definitely try to impede the peace process in every way. They had anticipated so because, many non-state actors and influential elements in the Pakistan army as well as ISI had expressed their displeasure over the fact that the peace process was being carried forward.

6th Member: Do you mean to say that peace with India would have posed a threat to the jihadi groups?

Chadha : Yes Sir, that is what I want to say. Afghan Taliban does not trust Pakistan any longer. The proxy war against India has not got the favour of some sections of people in Pakistan where the political parties are also in favour of peace with India. To assert themselves, the jihadi groups under the patronage of the Pakistani army were keen to derail the peace process. I think that Indo-Pak peace negotiations would not be a quick and plain affair.

Comments : The candidate has studied thoroughly the nuances of our bizarre relations with Pakistan. He knows well that India and Pakistan can put an end to their tension through a positive dialogue leaving room for mutual cooperation and understanding. His views are down to earth and positive. He analyses the problem in an objective manner. His approach to the Indo-Pak relations is clear and he puts forward his views quite confidently.

1st Member : A Nobel Prize-winner Professor of Physics, David J. Gross, who had attended the recent Indian Science Congress, thinks that if India aspires to become an economic superpower, it must also become a science and technology superpower. What is your take on it?

Chadha : I agree with him. He thinks so because China has proved this and is moving upward to become a world leader in science and technology. It has laid a lot of stress on the development in technology as well as in basic science. As becoming a world leader in these two areas requires a lot of investment, it has doubled investment in technology, higher education and basic’science in the last


  • Punctuality is the hallmark of the sticklers of discipline. Please see to it that you arrive at the interview site ahead of time in your own interest so that you can avoid unnecessary anxiety. In these days of traffic jams and the like, the candidates are best advised to leave their place of residence a bit early so that they could cut down possible dclaysew
  • Bulk of the candidates appearing for interviews are out-of-station candidates. Wherever they are escorted by local friends or relatives, it would present no problem to locate the site of interview. But where the interviewees are alone, it is better that they familiarise themselves with the interview site a day before the actual interview. This could help the candidates reach for the interview relaxedly.
  • By being punctual or arriving at the site a bit earlier helps you exchange ideas and views with other candidates. Don’t stand or sit stiff waiting for who will break the ice. In the company of others the pent-up tension could thaw, and when your turn for interview comes, you will find yourself relaxed.

15 years. China now spends 2.1 percent of its GDP and wants to raise it even more. India, however, has devoted only 0.9 percent to research and development for the last 15 years despite repeated promises.

1st Member : Apart from the Government and the bureaucracy, who are supposed to help in this direction?

Chadha :         The scientific and

educational community must come forward. Scientists and educators need to demand changes and they must help in shaping these changes. Top Indian scientists should engage in public discourse, participate in necessary review and planning processes, create new institutions of research and education. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” will bring laurels to India if it is accompanied by Invent in India. It would give an opportunity to look beyond underlying science done elsewhere. One must Discover in India.

Comments : The candidate has already shown that he keeps himself abreast of national and international developments and his views are mature as well as impressive. Here, while discussing the role of technology and basic sciences, he also presented his views in a forthright way, sticking to his stand and his understanding of the present economic situation is quite convincing. The way he presents his viewpoints is a proof positive of his dignified and sophisticated handling of the situation. His expressions are enough to reveal his integrity and conviction that make him a potential leader. He does not believe in having a shallow approach andprefers delving deep into the subject in hand.

Chairman : In your biodata, you have mentioned that you would like to travel. Let’s suppose you get the choice to visit a foreign country of your choice. Which country would you like to visit and why ?

Chadha : I shall opt for Japan, Sir. It is comparatively a small-sized country with high population density. It has hardly any natural resources to boast of. It also suffered the worst defeat in World War II and two of its large cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were wiped out by atomic bombs. After the war, it was occupied by the US army and even today, it depends to a very large extent on the US support for its external security. Yet within a few decades, it not only regained its industrial capacity but today it has surpassed even America in the automobile and electronic spheres. The Japanese miracle is a tribute to its people and their culture. Hence, I feel I can learn a lot by visiting Japan. As regards sight-seeing, Japan has a lot to offer. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are flourishing cities today.

Comments : The candidate was given an opportunity to exercise his initiative and prove himself. Mr. Chadha has no hesitation in making up his mind. His answer indicates that he has his priorities right and knows what he precisely wants. His goal is well set and his approach is positive and definite.

Concluding Comments: In brief, this smart and well-dressed candidate has shown himselfns intelligent and imaginative person who couldperceive things in their true perspective. He displays good initiative and appreciable originality in making best use of the opportunities offered to him. He meets the challenges with courage and resolves complex problems with resourcefulness. He can overcome obstacles with industry and vision and achieve his objectives with significant success. His grasp is excellent and he enjoys a wealth of ideas. He presents his views with conviction, authority and eloquence to sway his listeners and create a strong favourable and lasting impact on them. His boldness, pragmatic approach and dynamism coupled with sterling qualities of character like loyalty, sincerity and integrity enable him to establish himself as the favourite member and natural leader of his team. Selected with top ranking.

Detailed answers have been given here to

acquaint the readers with every aspect of
the question, because anything can be
asked related to a question.


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There Is No Single Formula For Success In Life Or In The CSE. Be Focussed, Have Confidence And Work Really Hard. And one day your dreams will come true. —Parth Gupta, IAS Topper2013 (59th Position)

My interview was scheduled in the morning session. I wore a formal blue suit with a striped shirt and a blue tie.

I reached the UPSC and was told that my interview was with Prof. Purshottam Agarwal Board.

Parth Gupta : May I come in, Sir ?

Chairman : Yes.

Parth Gupta : Good Afternoon, Sirs.

Chairman : Good Afternoon. Please take a seat.

Parth Gupta : Thank You, Sir (sitting).

Chairman : So what is the meaning of Pali ?

Parth Gupta : Pali has several meanings. It means the teaching of Lord Buddha.

Chairman : No. Tell another one ?

Parth Gupta : It also means or a line.

Chairman : No. Tell another ?

Parth Gupta : It is the language that contains Buddha’s teachings.

Chairman : No. Do you know Bengali ?

Parth Gupta : No, Sir.

Chairman : But you are from Jharkhand and should know Bengali as it borders West Bengal. OK, do

you know about  (some Bengali


Parth Gupta : No, Sir.

Chairman : He wrote a book Ntwi iPTR’. Now tell the meaning of TRvT.

Parth Gupta : Sir, it means ^5 ml

Chairman : No, it means (m»si ■hhm. Now tell the meaning of Pali.

Parth Gupta : Isas ^ HTHTI

Chairman : No. (He gives some other hut similar sounding meaning.)

Chairman : Do you know history ?

Parth Gupta : Yes, Sir.

Chairman : Who was Laxmibai ?

Parth Gupta : Rani Laxmibai was a freedom fighter and fought the British in the battle of 1857.

Chairman : What was-her mother tongue ?


Parth Gupta
IAS Topper 2013
(59th Position)

Parth Gupta : I don’t know, Sir.

Chairman : Shouldn’t it be Hindi as she belonged to UP region.

Parth Gupta : I don’t know, Sir.

Chairman : OK. I will give you a hint. Her mother tongue was not Hindi. Now tell me what her mother tongue was.

Parth Gupta : I am unable to answer, Sir.

Chairman : Tell me about the 42nd Amendment.

Parth Gupta : It is called a mini Constitution and was proposed by Sardar Swaran Singh Committee. It introduced socialist, secular in the Preamble.

Chairman : What is difference between fusion and fission ?

Parth Gupta : Fusion is when smaller nuclei fuse to form bigger ones. Fission is when heavier nuclei disintegrate. Both release energy.

Chairman : Which is better ?

Parth Gupta : Fusion is still under development. But if realised, it is better.

Chairman : What is criterion for setting up a nuclear plant ?

Parth Gupta : Ecological and human impact. Along with safety features like seismic activity-free zone.

Chairman : But these parameters have been compromised in the plant being set up in Haryana ?

Parth Gupta : Well, Sir, in the light of what you have said I think there could have been a better choice for the plant.

Chairman : What do you think about federalism ?

Parth Gupta: It was a necessity, given the diversity of India. Critical issues have been dealt with in a centralised manner while giving sufficient autonomy to the States.

2nd Member : Do States have enough autonomy in financial matters ?

Parth Gupta: Yes Sir. The need is to utilise this autonomy responsibly. The States should refrain from populist measures.

2nd Member : Is Right to Food a populist measure ?

Parth Gupta : No Sir. When there are millions of people going hungry, children who are malnourished, then it is even mote important to give them Right to Food.

2nd Member : Do you think that diversity will pose a problem to unity ? And what should be done ?

Parth Gupta : Diversity may prove to be a weakness, but it is also a strength. No circumstance should be created so that people feel disenchanted with the nation. Every category or section needs to be taken at the same speed and together to avoid any problem to the unity of India.

3rd Member : Do you support so many IITs ?

Parth Gupta: No, Sir. New IITs are lacking basic infrastructure. The pressing need is to create and raise the standard of higher education sector and creating a handful of IITs will not solve it.

3rd Member : Why did you take Pali?

Parth Gupta : I had studied Sanskrit in school. So I felt comfortable studying Pali.  tgra

The Interview Technique

Success in an interview is sure-fire for the candidate who thinks positively and knows the technique well. The technique of an interview involves its nature, scope, methodology, applications and essentials. The candidate can master the technique of an interview, if he believes in training and undergoes it in a powerful, systematic and dedicated way. The aim of the interview is undoubtedly to determine the suitability of the candidate for the position for which he has been shortlisted and is undergoing the interview. Therefore, when you are appearing for an interview you must make it a point to know as much as possible about the job for which you are being considered. As regards the IAS personality test or interview, you must know what an IAS officer is required to do, what qualifications and qualities are expected of him, to what extent you feel you could fill the bill and how best you could convey your conviction about your suitability to the Interview Board while answering or responding to their questions. The UPSC handout does give you some idea about the nature and scope of the IAS interview. Talking to those who are already in the IAS or those who have already undergone the interview with success would also help you to gain an insight. Above all, the Competition Success Review presents the right approach and literally unfolds the secret of the interview to you and thus guarantees your sure success.

During the interview, the Board evaluates your personality traits from the answers you give to the questions posed to you and also the manner in which you present your answers. Thus, to begin with, a lot depends on your ability to grasp and understand the question and your capacity to speak, express your ideas lucidly and
convince the Board with the logic, rationality and credibility of your arguments. The important thing to bear in mind is that this personality test or interviewis not a mere question and answer session. The Board is not interested only in the answers but all the time it is in the watch out to take note of the personality traits you often unconsciously exhibit while giving those answers. In fact, for most of the questions, there may be no such thing as the correct answer. The Board may simply ask for your views, comments, opinions, conclusions and so on, and observe how you present the same. By askingyou a question they create a situation and then watch your response and reaction. You will succeed if you react with confidence and sincerity in a positive and purposeful manner.

In a nutshell, during the interview, the level of your leadership ability is being evaluated. You must, therefore, be clear in your mind as to what precisely constitute the ingredients or attributes, of the leadership factor. For the purpose of the personality test or interview, the leadership factor covers the following important aspects :

  • Intelligence, ideas, grasp, under­standing, knowledge, power of expression, clarity of thought, imagination.
  • Organising ability, resourcefulness, planning, determination of priorities, selection of goals.
  • Dynamic qualities—enthusiasm, interest, keenness, urge, involvement, dash, determination, courage, enterprise, initiative, stability, perseverance, flair for action, stamina, speed of action, availing of the opportunities and so on.
  • Character—loyalty, integrity, sincerity, dependability, patriotism, commitment to human and social values, respect for law, etc.
  • Social attributes—friendship, cheerfulness, courtesy, cooperation, adaptability, team spirit, esprit de corps, ability to mix freely with others, sense of belonging, readiness to sacrifice for the cause and for others, etc.
  • Influencing or motivating factor— capacity to convince, impress, energise, coordinate and carry others to accomplish the common task, creating a firm and favourable impact on others by example, tact, adjustment, persuasion, logical reasoning and bind the team into a harmonious one, selling one’s ideas successfully and winning others to one’s way.


To illustrate how these personality traits are observed and evaluated during the interview, we are happy to present to our readers the tape-recorded version of a ‘live’ interview conducted at our Competition Success Review’s Careers & Courses Wing. In order to spotlight the moot points and salient features, comments of the expert examiners have been provided at appropriate stages. We request the aspirants to note carefully the important facts, leam the secrets and then undergo several practice interview





They can conquer who believe they can. The overriding importance of self-confidence and the
strong conviction that one would reach the goal, whatever be the hurdles and distractions, are the
stepping stones to success. What is required is indomitable faith that looks through all minor
failures, self-doubts and occasional bursts of pessimism. When such a dogged faith permeates your
thinking, words and deeds, nothing can stop you from grabbing the prized position you are
looking for. Those who have climbed up the ladder of success have never been disheartened by a
false step here or there, but the iron resolve to climb up has helped them reach the summit of

fame and success.