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HUL’s Q4 beats Street as profit rises 6% to Rs 1,183 cr, EBITDA up 12% at Rs 1,651 cr

HUL’s Q4 beats Street as profit rises 6% to Rs 1,183 cr, EBITDA up 12% at Rs 1,651 cr

HUL’s Q4 beats Street as profit rises 6% to Rs 1,183 cr, EBITDA up 12% at Rs 1,651 cr

Zomato suffered a security breach with more than 17 million stolen user records to the company’s food database. The stolen information has e-mail addresses and passwords with hash algorithms.
According to, a user named “clay” claimed to have hacked Zomato and was willing to sell data on 17 million registered users in a dark popular Web market.
This includes emails and hashes of user passwords with the fixed price Zomato for the entire package registered at $ 1 001,43 (BTC 0.5587) – CS stands for bitcoins. Hacker read adds that the provider has also published data and evidence to prove that it was genuine.
Hashing transforms an original password into an inconsistent set of characters, which reduces the possibility of easily converting plain text. Although in theory, the password is always safe, Zomato encourages its users to change the password if it is used for any other service.
Amid the news of the leak, any credit card or payment information has been stolen, according to a company blog entry. ‘Payment information in Zomato is stored separately from (stolen) data in a data security standard compatible with high-security PCI (DSS) security’, he says.
Despite the assurances that increased precautions have been taken to protect user data, the company, a preventive measure, has reset the passwords of all interested users and disconnects them from its application and its website. “As we reset the passwords, affected Zomato users account and information about credit cards are secure, so there is nothing to fear.”
In the blog entry, Zomato has attributed the human error as the cause of the security gap in which an employee development account was compromised. “Our team is actively analyzing all possible breakdown vectors and fills gaps in our environment,” the blog said.
In the coming weeks, the company would have worked to connect other security breaches – if necessary – into their systems. This will include the addition of an authorization layer for internal equipment with access to such data to avoid any possibility of human crime.

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Not a fool, not in race to be PM in 2019, says Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

Not a fool, not in race to be PM in 2019, says Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

Opposition parties have not yet decided on a large Bihar-type alliance for denying the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Narendra Modi and a second consecutive term and one of the main contenders “would” the prime minister’s president has already declined.
Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar was barred from the prime minister’s career in 2019. Speaking to reporters at an event in Patna, Nitish said he had no interest in his first job.
“I’m not crazy … not in the race for the 2019 AM position. I was elected party chairman (JD-T), while Sharadji (Yadav) was unable to continue in the labor embargo.” That was considered my aspiration for a role National … what is wrong, “he said.
“I am grateful to the people to consider myself capable, but I still want to clarify once I am not in the race,” said Nitish. When asked to recent accusations of scam related to the family of the RJD head, Lalu Prasad said Nitish both Lalu and his party has already responded to accusations of BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi.
Nitish has also tried to divert the issue by saying that matters pertaining to corporate laws under the jurisdiction of the Center. “There is an attempt to divert people’s attention to these kinds of problems. This is so well planned,” said the main minister of Bihar. Nitish Kumar also dismissed claims by parties such as Aam Aadmi (AAP) and Mayawati’s BSP that electronic voting machines (EVMs) could be manipulated to favor a particular party.
“I think there is no problem with EVM, but if you ask questions … it would be good to respond in full,” he said.

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Elephant in the room? India absent at Belt and Road Forum but its presence felt at China’s mega show

Elephant in the room? India absent at Belt and Road Forum but its presence felt at China’s mega show

India is often represented as an elephant in the Chinese media and cartoons.

On Sunday, the elephant appeared to have surpassed the pages and entered the Forum of the Belt and Road (BRF), China’s largest trade fair for economic strength and growing strategic weight, and became a strong presence that nobody wanted to talk about but Everyone knew.

India, the developing economy that is experiencing the fastest growth with a growing middle class of $ 300 million, cheap labor, a command of the English and the young population, was the most notable shortage on BRF Sunday.

Western powers have not sent either heads of state, but were represented by high-level delegations.

The United States, South Korea and Japan – unhappy unknown by ties with China – delegations have also sent; Even an exclusive North Korean government sent two representatives although they remain adequately discreet the first day of the two-day forum. India made the decision not to deploy even its China-based diplomats to the forum because of its concerns and objections to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) through Kashmir to Pakistan-occupied (POK).

China, as we learned, was aware that India’s concerns in CPEC had hampered the participation of its leaders in the forum. But it is expected that Beijing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi sends a certain level of representation in the forum.

For example, although India was invited by China to send a contingent of troops to participate in the Second World War remembrance parade in Beijing in September 2015, it rejected the invitation, but sent the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs VK Singh for Attend the military parade.

It is likely that China has provided a similar response. But that did not happen.

A senior politician from the South Asian neighborhood with old ties to India, but increasingly close relations with China took two steps back and wondered about the absence of India.

“This is the case of India,” he said with an uncomfortable smile.

Some other diplomats who did not wish to be identified said that it was India’s decision not to attend the forum and that they had no comment to offer.

There would have been little mention of India during the academic sessions and the discussion that followed the inauguration of the BRF by President Xi Jinping.

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UPSC Syllabus for Civil Service Exam | Latest and Updated

UPSC Syllabus for Civil Service Exam | Latest and Updated

UPSC Syllabus

The Administrative Service of India, [IAS] is one of the ideal jobs of all young people in India. Due to its challenges and scope to transform millions of lives in India, it made the services of prestigious. With IAS 24 Other services include IFS, IPS, IRS and so on. UPSC Syllabus public service exams [ESC] is commonly called the IAS [2018] exam each year to select the candidates. The CSE is a three-step selection process such as Preliminary, Mains exam and a personality test (maintenance) and ultimately occupy the top spots of the IAS offices. An IAS officer held numerous positions as a collector, secretary-in-chief, secretary of the cabinet, head of various public sector departments, and so on.

Civil Service Exam UPSC is known with the name of the IAS exam is a three tier review process. The exam consists of a preliminary examination in June, followed by a cycle in November and December, and finally an interview in March. The final result published by UPSC in May. The grades of the preliminary examinations are not included in the ranking, while the marks marked to the network and the interview will be taken into account for the classification. It is not easy to decipher the IAS exam because of its difficult competition and its vast syllabus, but the hard work, with smart work, the right approach, the correct orientation and the right attitude will allow an aspirant to achieve a high rank in The examination of the IAS and obtain the desired service. Many are clueless about the salary of an IAS officer. Click on the link to read.

Civil service examination

Civil Service Examination (IAS) Directed by UPSC, a government agency, which chooses the appropriate candidates to access most services. Each year, around 4-5lakh candidates take the exam and only about 1,000 are selected.

It is considered one of the toughest tests in the world, due to its strong competition, its huge program and its review period [extends for one year].

The preliminary examination is a type of object that consists of two studies of general documents and CSAT. The general study paper represented the screening hands-on examination phase, while the CSAT is minimum requirement

The basic exam consists of nine documents, including optional (2) descriptive documents. The English language document and the regional language document are qualitative. The test paper, four general study articles and 2 optional documents are considered for merit with the interview notes.

UPSC IAS network survey plan

The scores that score highest for the main exam and the interview session determine the ranking. The UPSC network consumes 1750 points and the interview includes 275 points. At UPSC, there are nine documents out of which seven are considered final classification. The other two are language documents in which applicants must maintain the minimum grade prescribed by UPSC annually. But there is an exception for candidates residing in the northeastern states. Only English only.

Paper -An (indigenous language)

Candidates must choose one of the languages of India included in the eighth program of the Constitution of India. This document is not mandatory for candidates from the states of Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland.300.

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Why Delhi Daredevils mentor Rahul Dravid left bitterly disappointed, again

Why Delhi Daredevils mentor Rahul Dravid left bitterly disappointed, again

Delhi Mentor Dreadful (DD) Rahul Dravid believes that Mumbai (MI) Indians are the favorite to win the Indian Premier League (IPL) title, but will face strong opposition from three other teams – The Pune Rise Supergiant (RPS), Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). (RPS vs. Most Outstanding KXIP Match)

“Mumbai (Indians) finished the top of the table and looks very strong. But Kolkata Knight Riders, Sunrisers Hyderabad Rising Pune supergiant are all good sides and we can expect some interesting passages in the play-off phase,” said Dravid Of losing to Delhi recklessly 10 shots from the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in their last game of the season on Sunday. (Instrument panel daredevils vs RCB)

Dravid also cited Delhi’s inability to recklessly win closed games together as the main reason for his disappointing run for the 2017 India Premier League (IPL) season. “We did not win a lot of games like situations and this turned out to be our downfall this season. It’s important to win these games at the IPL and we can only manage 2-3 Win these positions,” he said.

Delhi daredevils were in a similar position Sunday as they needed 13 races to win the final but a brilliant performance Pawan Negi handed the victory to Royal Challengers Bangalore to Virat Kohli. When asked about the match, Dravid said: “We have always lost the windows at regular intervals and the required rate pressure came to RCB was fine and there was no way to do it.

Delhi recklessly suffered a blow before the start of the season when Quinton De Kock and JP Duminy both left the tournament. They left a huge hole in the line and DD threshing Rahul Dravid believed they could never really recover from these losses. “We lost (Quinton) De Kock and JP (Duminy) before the tournament and therefore our line was quite inexperienced compared to other teams. They are really good players of this format and it was too late for us to find good replacements for they “.

Delhi reckless ended the season in sixth place with 12 points in 14 games. It has been a disappointing run for DD but Dravid believes the team can take a lot of positive things this season.

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‘Nobody Speak’ documentary lionises Gawker as a champion of journalistic virtue

‘Nobody Speak’ documentary lionises Gawker as a champion of journalistic virtue

‘Nobody Speak’ documentary lionises Gawker as a champion of journalistic virtue

In August 2016, the New York-based Gawker website, which focused on celebrity gossip, announced that it would be closed. This was the result of proof that wrestler Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) filed against the company for the publication of a sex video in 2012 that claimed Bollea to violate his privacy and damaged his reputation.

Bollea won the trial of 140 million dollars, making the bankruptcy of Gawker. The case took an interest because the legal team Bollea was funded by Peter Thiel, the Czar of Silicon Valley, who had been spoiled by Gawker in 2007. Among media circles, there was almost unanimous outrage at the ability of deep pockets To shout mean voices inconvenient.

The new Netflix documentary Nobody Talks, adopts this line as well. To his director, Brian Knappenberger carefully dissolves Florida’s essay that led to Bollea’s victory against Gawker, but face-to-face interviews with the dramatic single-side loser characters.

Both Nick Denton, editor of Gawker and AJ Daulerio, who published the Bollea story, have the opportunity to present their arguments, the First Amendment’s approval, which guarantees freedom of expression and of the press. Less charity, the documentary highlights the judge who presided over the case.

In the second half, the documentary moves to a wider area, addressing the theme of Thiel. It focuses on the billionaire Sheldon 2016 Redemption Adeslon Las Vegas Review-Journal about the same time as her attempts to make a claim fail on her behalf. Journalists interviewed by Knappenberger, are worried that the tycoon could be used to make buying a curious opinion.

And like almost everything in 2017, Donald Trump is not far from the scene. The documentary speaks of contempt of the President by conventional media, focusing on his demonstrations during the presidential race when he openly criticized US news. Compiling icons like the New York Times and CNN as “fake news”.

In all seriousness, Nobody Speaks fuses completely disparate themes to present an image of a daunting challenge set in the American media. To begin with, the Gawker champion – at one point in the documentary, constitutional lawyer Floyd Abrams said: “We did not choose this kind of authoritative publications because once we do, it allows the government to limit the speech” – strikes as false.

The question that the documentary fails completely to mention is of public interest. If journalism judgment comes to court, it is for the courts to decide whether the public good is served with history under control. If Bollea’s sex life played a public role, the judiciary had dismissed his case. Who is funding the trial is irrelevant. Although Thiel was vindictive to Gawker himself, and he decided to support Bollea financially for this reason, it is not important in the end.

Neither the exit nor Thiel Bollea sexual video have used public cause and were bald intrusions in privacy. Indignation by Gawker Media losing judgment is particularly opaque because the same configuration has been characterized to protect the individual’s privacy from government surveillance and military espionage.

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SpaceX scrubs Sunday launch attempt with Intelsat relay satellite

SpaceX scrubs Sunday launch attempt with Intelsat relay satellite

SpaceX scrubs Sunday launch attempt with Intelsat relay satellite

A computer-activated switch stopped the countdown of a Falcon 9 Sunday rocket at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, returning the next mission to launch SpaceX at least until Monday.

The Falcon 9 229 foot high rocket represented the take off with an Intelsat satellite communication at 7:36. EDT (2336 GMT) Monday, and a happy afternoon weather forecast gave way to clear skies, while clocks coincide with the launch.

An automatic sequencer sends commands to charge the two-stage rocket with RP-1 oil-over-cooled propellants and liquid oxygen, and Falcon 9 conductors were prepared for the ignition and fuel tanks were pressurized for launch in the last minutes Countdown Sunday.

But the clocks were stopped within 9 seconds after a computer monitored the predefined criteria in the guide, navigation and control of the rocket has ordered an automatic break. SpaceX’s launch director cleared the launch attempt on Sunday a few minutes later, while the engineers studied the problem.

“We had a vehicle abhorrence criteria breached in 10 seconds, a criterion of CNG (Guidance, Navigation and Control),” said the launch director. “We always look at what it is today.

“We can not recover today without exceeding the end of the window, so they are officially cleaned,” he said. “Go ahead and put a 24-hour recycling to work.”

SpaceX Falcon began to drain the propulsion tanks 9 to 39A bar start soon after the exfoliation.

If SpaceX launch team can understand the problem and correct it if necessary, the Falcon 9 rocket could be reloaded again on Monday for a 58-minute launch window that culminate at 7:37. EDT (2337 GMT).

The launch of the Intelsat 35 communications satellite is the third of a series of Falcon 9 flights in the last two weeks. If the rocket exploded Sunday, it was the third Falcon 9 launch in just over nine days, and the second the same pitcher in Florida.

The pace of febrile activity at Cape Canaveral SpaceX facilities seeks to break the record for the fastest lap between pitches at 39A. SpaceX and Intelsat are eager to get the rocket from the ground in front of the US Army’s East Line is available to support the start-up after the July 4th holiday.

The Falcon 9 rocket assigned to the Intelsat 35 mission held a static test event Thursday night on platform 39A, less than 72 hours before the opening of the Sunday launch window. The ground teams overthrew Falcon 9 in their hangar Friday afternoon and are tied to the Intelsat satellite on the 35th rocket in time to return to the squad in the previous hours Sunday.

“We have had to add additional resources to try to transform the field in so little time,” said Ken Lee, senior vice president of space systems Intelsat, in a Sunday interview in Cape Canaveral. “More manpower – a lot of pressure – but, as usual, our team is mission-driven, so when they see a target, they’re going to do the best they can do to meet that date.

“We worked almost 24 hours at 24, and we were brought in by other engineers to make sure we did the work we had to do and no shortcuts.”

The 14,900-pound Intelsat 35 satellite communication, built by Boeing, is the heaviest spacecraft ever launched by SpaceX to a pole in geostationary orbit, a circular loop of over 22,000,000 (about 36,000 kilometers) Above the Earth’s equator commonly used by broadcasting stations and data relays.

At this altitude, orbital mechanics require a satellite to fly around the Earth at the same rotating speed, allowing a spacecraft to flies to a fixed location, an ideal place for communication applications.

Intelsat heavyweight 35e effectively “limits” the ability of Falcon 9 to lift a payload from this type of orbit, Lee said.

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Mumbai: Iconic Ambassador’s Sky Chef served eviction notice by airport authorities

Mumbai: Iconic Ambassador’s Sky Chef served eviction notice by airport authorities

Mumbai: Iconic Ambassador’s Sky Chef served eviction notice by airport authorities

Sky Chef Hotel Ambassador, a landmark near Mumbai International Airport, received a notice of eviction from the Mumbai airport authorities. According to reports, airport operators have done so, as they need land occupied by Sky Chef for operational purposes.

In a report published in The Times of India, Chief Sky Unit of Mumbai was responsible for meals during the flight since the 1980s. A source said: “On May 20, the 30-year lease land contract between the hotel and the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has expired and it has been decided not to renew the agreement.”

Airport authorities had hired privately, Marine Drive Pvt Ltd (MIAL), which served the notice, as they intend to expand their activities in the field of 15,000 square meters leased to Sky Chief.

A source told TOI that “it is close to the airport, and a critical route to expand airport operations. The land is not yet completed.” This is not the first case that MIAL has served a notice of eviction.

During the last week of May, Narang Hotels International Pvt. Ltd. (NIHPL), the owner of the hotel Ambassidor, asked Bombay Supreme Court to suspend the expulsion procedure.

In a statement to TOI, a source said: “After the expiration of the NIHPL and IAA license agreement, NIHPL has more rights on airport facilities, but insisted that the MIAL-NIHPL talks constituted a further extension of the License in the absence of an official formal agreement.

“So far, the court has not granted any aid to NIHPL, and the matter must be repeated on 11 July.

Ambassador Sky Chef started his restaurant business in 1942 when he used hotel catering in South Mumbai. Subsequently, the Mumbai unit has been installed in the ninety years after the IAA has built a new terminal in Sahar to cater exclusively to international flights.

In 1987, IAA leased a 15,000 m² parcel in NIHPL, which increased significantly. Just one kilometer from the international terminal and three kilometers from the national terminal, NIHPL increased to handle the catering contracts of a large number of national and international companies.

Currently, Sky Chef manages a compound unit of 2,50,000 and produces about 30,000 meals a day. Sky Chef is not the first institution to receive an AAI eviction notice. Earlier this year, the IAA served an eviction notice at the Hotel Leela Venture, when its contract, which was signed in 1986, expired.

The unit they had rented was 18,000 square meters of land. ATI stated that the hotel had violated the conditions of the contract and had not paid its fees to the AAI.

Finally, the IAA has terminated its contract with Leela after issuing an opinion for commissions to be paid and an order to return ownership on October 31, 2016. In February of this year, AAI was re-issuing notice expelling To court conflicts in hotels.

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SC gives last chance to Maharashtra to remove Haji Ali encroachments

SC gives last chance to Maharashtra to remove Haji Ali encroachments

The summit of the leadership of Haji Ali Dargah to squeeze is incapacité à accomplir la tâche

La Cour suprême a accordé lundi au gouvernement la dernière occasion of Maharashtra supprimer les illégaux empiétements sur une zone de 908 mètres carrés sur la route et à proximité d’approche historique du Sanctuaire Dargah Haji Ali in Mumbai le sud.

A bank that contains the judge in chef J.S. Khehar et le juge D.Y. Chandrachud a accordé deux semaines aux autorités concernées pour supprimer ces empiètements et the demandé au collecteur adjoint de s’assurer that sa commande est referée.

The address is a place after the trust of Haji Ali Dargah, who had already volunteered to eliminate the empiètements, to express they are incapacitated to accomplish the tach.

The Court of First Instance of the Court of First Instance and the Court of First Instance of the Court of First Instance.

On May 9, the tribunal d’apex a salué les efforts du Dargah Trust in its attempts to resolve to eliminate the empiétements.

The Haji Ali Dargah in the memory of a riche marand musulman, Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, who has abandoned all his possessions before making a pèlerinage in Mecca.

The Trust, 13 April, yields to the situation difficile of the cour d’apex contre les à grande échelle empiètements autour de la mosquée historique et s’est Mumbai offert de les supprimer avant le 8 mai.

The offer to remove and dismantle the sites is after the apex court, which is at the top of the 171-meter surface area since 1931, remain protected while the rest of the area, Mesurant 908 mètres carrés, A landing des squatters.

In favor of the offer, the Bank Fiducia to permit for the task of compléter later than May 8, under the reservation of satisfaction two indicated authorities on February 10, the ordinance of the Haute Cour of Bombay.

The High Cour had ordered the formation of a working group consisting of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and the collector to get rid of illégaux empiétements on the route Haji Ali Dargah approximate.

The Haute Cour to understand the parity of Sahayak to socio-juridique et éducatif forum, aiming at éliminer immédiatement empiétements les sur la route d’approche à la dargah qui se trouve sur la mer.

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai was of notions that the terrain on the approach route of Haji Ali is falling into the jurisdiction of the collector and, as a consequence, the collector must enclose the empiétements.

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Hospital gunman fired from job week before shooting, NY official says

Hospital gunman fired from job week before shooting, NY official says

Hospital gunman fired from job week before shooting, NY official says

(CNN) – The doctor who killed one of his former colleagues and wounded six others during a shootout at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital was fired Friday at a freelance job in the city, a New York City official said.

Dr. Henry Bello left his job in the Human Resources administration in New York in April, saying he had “personal problems,” according to city spokesperson Jaclyn Rothenberg.

Rothenberg said Bello was a social worker for the HIV / AIDS Service administration in the city. He stopped running for work on April 11 and officially ended on June 21

“He was released after repeated attempts to reach her,” Rothenberg told CNN on Sunday.
You never know what it took Bello, 45, to return to his old workplace – Bronx-Lebanon Hospital – with a rifle tucked under the lab coat, take a gun test, and commit suicide later. But it had a turbulent history.

In 2004, Bello pleaded guilty to charges of illegal detention Caitlyn Fowles, the Manhattan attorney’s office. He was sentenced to community service. Fowles was unable to provide more information on Bello’s case.

Rothenberg said a background check was conducted in Bello before his tenure in September 2016 because the city did not disclose his detention in 2004 for the charge he pleaded guilty was not disqualifying.

Bello also had financial difficulties.
Shine “Acts of heroism” amid the horror of filming the hospital in New York
Shine “Acts of heroism” amid the horror of filming the hospital in New York
According to a municipal official working with shelters for the homeless in New York, Bello had stayed at least twice since 2003 and had recently left a shelter in March after obtaining government support for permanent housing.

Bello worked at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital for only six months between August 2014 and February 2015. Hospital spokesman Errol Schneer told reporters on Friday that Bello resigned before being fired.

Bronx-Lebanon has not responded to CNN’s requests to verify Bello’s background prior to employment.

Bello practiced medicine in the State of New York under the so-called limited license issued in July 2014, according to the New York State Ministry of Education.

The ministry told CNN that the permit allowed Bello, a graduate of the Ross University School of Medicine on the Caribbean island of Dominica, to practice medicine at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital despite his foreign medical degree.

Ross University did not respond to requests for comments on the weekend and did not confirm Bello’s presence or graduation.

However, the school launched a tuit night after filming, stating, “Ross is deeply concerned about the many prayers and calls on all shooting actors at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.”