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Hospital gunman fired from job week before shooting, NY official says

Hospital gunman fired from job week before shooting, NY official says

Hospital gunman fired from job week before shooting, NY official says

(CNN) – The doctor who killed one of his former colleagues and wounded six others during a shootout at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital was fired Friday at a freelance job in the city, a New York City official said.

Dr. Henry Bello left his job in the Human Resources administration in New York in April, saying he had “personal problems,” according to city spokesperson Jaclyn Rothenberg.

Rothenberg said Bello was a social worker for the HIV / AIDS Service administration in the city. He stopped running for work on April 11 and officially ended on June 21

“He was released after repeated attempts to reach her,” Rothenberg told CNN on Sunday.
You never know what it took Bello, 45, to return to his old workplace – Bronx-Lebanon Hospital – with a rifle tucked under the lab coat, take a gun test, and commit suicide later. But it had a turbulent history.

In 2004, Bello pleaded guilty to charges of illegal detention Caitlyn Fowles, the Manhattan attorney’s office. He was sentenced to community service. Fowles was unable to provide more information on Bello’s case.

Rothenberg said a background check was conducted in Bello before his tenure in September 2016 because the city did not disclose his detention in 2004 for the charge he pleaded guilty was not disqualifying.

Bello also had financial difficulties.
Shine “Acts of heroism” amid the horror of filming the hospital in New York
Shine “Acts of heroism” amid the horror of filming the hospital in New York
According to a municipal official working with shelters for the homeless in New York, Bello had stayed at least twice since 2003 and had recently left a shelter in March after obtaining government support for permanent housing.

Bello worked at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital for only six months between August 2014 and February 2015. Hospital spokesman Errol Schneer told reporters on Friday that Bello resigned before being fired.

Bronx-Lebanon has not responded to CNN’s requests to verify Bello’s background prior to employment.

Bello practiced medicine in the State of New York under the so-called limited license issued in July 2014, according to the New York State Ministry of Education.

The ministry told CNN that the permit allowed Bello, a graduate of the Ross University School of Medicine on the Caribbean island of Dominica, to practice medicine at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital despite his foreign medical degree.

Ross University did not respond to requests for comments on the weekend and did not confirm Bello’s presence or graduation.

However, the school launched a tuit night after filming, stating, “Ross is deeply concerned about the many prayers and calls on all shooting actors at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.”

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Eight dead after rescue helicopter rushing to Indonesian volcano crashes

Eight dead after rescue helicopter rushing to Indonesian volcano crashes

Eight dead after rescue helicopter rushing to Indonesian volcano crashes

A rescue helicopter is crushed its way to help evacuate residents near an active volcano on the main island of Indonesia, killing eight people on board, officials said Monday.

The helicopter crashed about three minutes before reaching the Dieng plateau, popular tourist area where the volcanic eruption Sunday wounded at least 10 people. According to reports, the plane struck a cliff in Butak Mountain in Temanggung District, Central Java Province.

The eight people on board were killed, “said Major General Heronimus Guru, deputy head of national search operations and the rescue agency. “We are now in Bhayangkara Semarang Hospital,” the capital of the central province of Java where the bodies of the victims were taken.

Brigantine. General Ivan Tito, director of operations and training research agency, told TVOne in a live interview of Temanggung, that the victims were four naval officers and four rescue workers. He also said that the AS365 Indonesian Dauphin helicopter was airworthy.

The sileri crater in the cold lava plateau threw Dieng, mud and ash as high as 164 feet in the sky when it erupted on Sunday morning, said the spokesman for the National Mitigation Agency Disasters Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.

The sudden eruption took place while nearly 17 visitors were around the crater. Ten people were injured and treated at the hospital.

Soldiers and police officers were sent and local residents and visitors were invited to evacuate in case of further eruptions, said Nugroho.

Sileri is the most active and dangerous among the 10 craters on the Dieng plateau. Its most recent eruption was in 2009, when it unleashed the volcanic materials up to 200 meters (656 feet) high and led to the creation of three new craters.

Dwi Suryanto, sileri chief of culture and tourist area said the crater was calm on Monday but remains closed to visitors. Other craters in the plateau are still open, he said.

Dieng Plateau, located in the Banjarnegara Central Java district, is a popular tourist attraction due to its cool climate and Hindu ninth century temples. It is about 6,600 feet above sea level.

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As anti-G20 protests begin, Merkel says growth must be inclusive

As anti-G20 protests begin, Merkel says growth must be inclusive

As anti-G20 protests begin, Merkel says growth must be inclusive

BERLIN (Reuters) – While anti-globalization activists went to the streets of Hamburg ahead of the G20 summit this week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday that leaders have to focus on sustainable and inclusive economic growth instead Than their own prosperity.

In her weekly podcast, Merkel said the G-20 summit this year will focus on issues defended by protesters, such as wealth distribution and resource consumption – along with associated issues such as climate change , The protection of the free consumer and markets of social fulfillment.

Hamburg police said 10,000 demonstrators left quietly in the rain in Hamburg on Sunday in a prelude to the meeting, on 7 and 8 July, when 21,000 police officers from all over Germany will protect the meetings of the 20 largest economies of the world .

It was the first of 30 events recorded this week. Some carried banners that said “The fight against poverty”, “stop coal” and “Planet Earth first”.

German authorities refer to the problems, fearing that the protests will become violent as they did outside the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy, in 2001, when one person was shot dead and hundreds injured.

“It will not only be growth (economic) but sustainable growth,” Merkel said. “We must have a” win-win “for all issues, obviously generate. How can we achieve inclusive and sustainable growth?

Merkel sought a fourth term in the September 24 elections described the problems as follows: “What do we do with our resources? What are the rules of distribution of wealth? How many are there of participation? And how many countries are there? Able to advantage of this? ”

Not to mention the protests that German security officials worried about a possible sabotage this week in the country’s second largest city, Merkel noted that these non-traditional problems were forced to program G20.

“If we just try to continue as we have done in the past, global events certainly are not sustainable and inclusive,” he said. “We need a Climate Protection Agreement, the opening of markets and the improvement of trade agreements that meet consumer, social and environmental protection standards.”

In a speech to Parliament last week, Merkel pledged to fight for free trade and to pressure multilateral efforts to fight climate change at the summit, challenging “first American” US President Donald Trump.

The G-20 meeting following a G7 summit in Sicily has a month that has exposed deep divisions between Western countries and Trump on climate change, trade and migration. Trump later announced that he was pulling the United States out of a historic agreement to fight climate change reached in 2015 in Paris.

The German Agency for Crime warned that violent opponents of the G-20 could carry fires and sabotages on infrastructure targets such as the port and Hamburg airport, the Welt am Sonntag said on Sunday.

“New and creative attack forms must be controlled,” the report said. He added that Hamburg police are preparing to treat militants to disrupt electricity in Hamburg.

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Avignon shooting: Eight injured near French mosque

Avignon shooting: Eight injured near French mosque

Avignon shooting: Eight injured near French mosque

The faithful leaving the Arrahma mosque in Avignon were approached by two hooded suspects at 2230 local time (21:30 GMT) on Sunday.
The suspects, carrying a gun and a shotgun, arrived at a Renault Clio before opening fire on the crowd, according to La Provence newspaper.

Police said they did not treat the incident as a terrorist attack.
Four people were injured outside the mosque and a family of four – including a seven-year-old girl – were also injured by shrapnel in their apartment, about 50 meters away, according to a source.

Two of the eight wounded were hospitalized, according to the source, who also said that the faithful left the mosque were not the target.

A witness interviewed at the scene said that of the people near the mosque dozens began to run when they saw the two suspects getting out of the vehicle and approaching them with guns.

“It was a black Renault car,” said the witness, adding: “There were four people, only two of them, who were sitting in the back, went out and started shooting everyone.”

The map shows the location of Avignon in the south of France
The Avignon attack is not treated as a terrorist incident, the prosecutor’s office said. “The fact that it happened on the street of the religious establishment was irrelevant to him,” the prosecutor said.

Laure Chabaud, a district judge, said the incident was probably the result of a conflict between the young people.
The Criminal Investigation Department has supported the agreement, the AFP news agency reports.

On Thursday, a man was arrested after trying to drive a car in a crowd in front of a mosque in the Parisian suburb of Creteil. There were no injuries during the accident.
France remains on the alert amid heightened security following a deadly attack on the Paris police in April and a series of terrorist incidents in recent years.

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Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

BEIJING – A look at recent developments in the South China Sea, where China faces smaller neighbors in various conflicts around the islands, coral reefs and ponds in the water crucial to world trade and rich fish And potential oil and gas reserves:

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a weekly view of recent developments in the South China Sea, the location of several territorial disputes that have raised tensions in the region.

PORTAAVIONES LINE OF CHINA SE headed south to exercise training

China’s only aircraft carrier is heading south in a training exercise that will take him to Hong Kong for the first time.

Liaoning 60 000 tons left its home port on June 25 with Jinan and Yinchuan destroyers on what has been described as an interregional training mission for a week.

A report on the Defense Ministry website said that its complement of J-15 aircraft and helicopters have carried out any type of flight training throughout their journey. According to the official Xinhua news agency on Monday that the mission is “to strengthen coordination between ships and improve the skills of crew and drivers in different marine regions.”
A highlight of the mission will call the Hong Kong fleet port to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the presence of the People’s Liberation Army garrison in the Chinese city and the former semi-autonomous British colony.

Although no official date has been announced, Liaoning should arrive on Friday.

While American sailors and other guest sailors tend to gravitate towards the Wanchai district of the city’s nightlife, the PLA Navy said its officers and soldiers will attend “various exchanges and activities with residents of Hong Kong and The PLA garrison. ” The ships will be open to public visits.

Liaoning serves in the South China Sea, although Beijing has been vague on the role it intends to play with time.

China next protect the freedom of NAVIGATION US OPERATION near TRITON island

China’s Foreign Ministry strongly protests against the sinking of the United States Navy against USS Stethem for 12 nautical miles (22 kilometers) from the small island of Triton, claimed by China, Taiwan and Vietnam.
Lu Kang’s spokesman said China sent the Navy ships and Sunday warplanes to “warn the American ship.”

The Washington movement “violated Chinese law and relevant international law, violated China’s sovereignty, disrupted the peace, security and order of the waters in question … and therefore constitutes a serious political and military provocation.

“The Chinese side will continue to take all necessary means to defend sovereignty and national security,” Lu said.

The United States Pacific Fleet had no comment on China’s statement or details of Stethem operations.

Triton is in the group of Paracel islands, north of the Spratly, where China has carried out massive land reclamation activities on seven reefs and atolls.

A high-level United States defense, who was not authorized to speak by name and asked for anonymity, said the Stethem conducted a “right-of-way” exercise routine on Sunday. Under international law, warships are allowed through the territorial waters of another country, as long as they do not stop or do not carry out military activities.

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Thousands march in L.A. for impeachment of President Trump; his supporters hold their own rally

Thousands march in L.A. for impeachment of President Trump; his supporters hold their own rally

Thousands march in L.A. for impeachment of President Trump; his supporters hold their own rally

Thousands of protesters through downtown Los Angeles Sunday, waving signs and chanting, “Down, down, down with Trump-up, up, with people,” while urging Congress to establish to challenge the president.

The peaceful demonstration was one of the meetings held across the country on Sunday, to denounce the discontent with Trump and his dozen White House.

The march of Los Angeles began in the Pershing Plaza. John Meranda, 56, of Long Beach brandished a panel that shows Trump’s face on a baby’s body, with the word “imputed” on the wooden blocks.

“Every day when I wake up, something more terrible than it was yesterday,” Meranda said.

During the last week, he said that it will not be solved through Republican proposals to reduce billions of dollars to the Medicaid program; Some of her friends, she said, “stay alive for her.”

Her friend Angela Greene of San Pedro carried out a hot pink sign that read: “We need a leader, not a treble speaker.”

Further north on Broadway, Allen Levinson, 55, of Redondo Beach and two friends hoisted a plastic frame that held up a large sign stating “unlawful corrupt puppets.”

“This reduces the heart of their insecurities and their personal fears,” said Levinson, who describes Trump as an “aspiring despot.” In addition, he ironically said, “we wanted something G-rating.”
At a rally before the freight march, three to four Trump dozen supporters gathered on the sidewalk in front of the Los Angeles police headquarters in the area wounded by the yellow police tape. Many had hoisted United States flags on their shoulders or tied around their necks.

Matthew Woods, a West Hills street musician 55, dismissed the inquiry into the question of whether members of the Trump campaign or President’s associates conspired with Russia during and after the election.

“It was all dismantled,” Woods said. “He has the right to finish this investigation … I think it’s from him to let them continue.”

In February, White House officials said the president had sent National Security Adviser Michael Flynn because the former three-star army general had lied Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak .

A day later, Trump met with FBI Director James B. Comey and said he hopes “you can see his clear way to let go, let Flynn go,” according to Comey.

Trump disputes the Comey account. The president and his collaborators have denied the allegations.

“Why not talk to Russia?” Said Hollee Garcia, the city’s cathedral, which led to the pro-Trump test against. “I do not agree with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, but I respect him as a man who has a country behind him.While he has the lock locked? Maybe.”

In a nearby booth, where a seller sells Trump shirts, someone created a sign that read, “Trump 2020: Better crazy than stupid.”

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Trump Presses Xi for Help in Addressing ‘Growing Threat’ of North Korea

Trump Presses Xi for Help in Addressing ‘Growing Threat’ of North Korea

Trump Presses Xi for Help in Addressing ‘Growing Threat’ of North Korea

BEIJING – President Trump spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday to appeal for his help with what he calls the “growing threat” posed by North Korea’s nuclear program, the White House said.

The USA. And China have recently faced arms sales to Taiwan Washington, among other issues. M. Trump also spoke to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan about North Korea, and stressed “unity in relation to increasing pressure on the regime to change its dangerous path,” the administration said.

The discussions are taking place at a delicate time in the Asian region and just days before world leaders gather in Germany for the Group of 20 summit, which begins Friday. The belligerent behavior of the North continues to dominate the diplomatic discussions, and analysts have warned against the possibility of another nuclear test.

M. Trump has based his strategy for months in the hope that the main ally and trading partner of northern China could persuade Pyongyang to abandon its weapons program.

But M. Trump recently acknowledged that these efforts have failed. Consequently, the pressure on the Xi to do more to punish the North has increased considerably.

Trump administration imposed sanctions on a Chinese bank last week, accusing it of acting as a conduit for North Korea’s illicit financial activity. And Washington has adopted a number of additional measures recently considered clashes in Beijing, including accusing the Chinese government of human rights violations and the sale of arms to Taiwan of 1.4 billion, China considers its territory.

In the latest sign of tension, a US naval destroyer dominated Sunday near the disputed territory claimed by Beijing in the South China Sea, sparking an angry reaction from the Chinese government.

During the call Monday, Xi said that relations between the two countries have made progress, but have also been affected by “negative factors,” according to information from China. The United States was urged. To handle Taiwan, in accordance with the “one China” policy. Under this policy, which has been in force since 1972, the United States recognized a single Chinese government in Beijing and severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan
Cheng Xiaohe, professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing, said that given the recent actions of M. Trump, it was “a little strange” that Xi has accepted the call.

However, he said, the gesture seemed to indicate that China tried to maintain “stability and momentum” with M. Trump and perhaps avoid resorting to more extreme measures, such as a military response.

“The actions of the administration has taken have upset the Chinese, without a doubt,” said Professor Cheng. “The talks show that China is still willing to talk to Trump and work with the US government to address North Korea’s nuclear problems.”

Increasingly, M. Trump also sought out other Asian countries, including Japan and South Korea, to help solve the crisis.

Kyodo News, a Japanese news agency reported that Abe had welcomed the Trump administration’s decision to impose sanctions on Chinese entities accused of doing illegal business with the North. The agency said that Mr. Trump and Abe agreed to hold trilateral talks in North Korea with South Korea’s President-elect Moon Jae-in as part of the G-20 meeting in Hamburg.

M. Trump met with Mr. Luna at the White House on Friday. Mr. Luna has urged dialogue with the North – an idea that M. Trump’s advisors have little interest in.

Amid tensions, North Korea continued to strictly defend its weapons program. On Monday, North Korea reiterated its missiles “can reach any destination quickly and accurately,” according to Yonhap, a South Korean news agency.

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North Korea missile test: Between paranoid Kim and incoherent Donald Trump, world staring at disaster

North Korea missile test: Between paranoid Kim and incoherent Donald Trump, world staring at disaster

North Korea missile test: Between paranoid Kim and incoherent Donald Trump, world staring at disaster

“As for Earth images sent in real time from the camera mounted on ballistic missiles, the supreme leader Kim Jong-un said that it was great to see the Earth since the rocket was launched and that the world is so beautiful.” Surreal and irregular, the lines very well imitate the dialogue of Bond villains – bright and crazy to the same extent, opening a grand plan to “purify” the world and take full control, except it is real. These are the lines spoken by the media in the state of North Korea, while his dictator tried his new toy. Most dictators are fans of games. Kim loves to play with nuclear warheads. On Sunday, Kim announced to the world that North Korea now has a new range of intermediate ballistic missiles capable of reaching major US military bases in Japan and South Korea.
Northeast Asia, an area where the US Have placed more than 80,000 soldiers, is now within reach of the dictator. This indicates that North Korea is rapidly increasing its missile arsenal and it is only a matter of time before it builds an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of reaching the continental United States with a nuclear head attached to its nose. And even if someone had a number of doubts, the dictator’s pot has made it clear that these missiles are a response to “politics” Donald Trump. This is the test of Pyongyang missiles on 11 in 2017, according to the James Martin Center for Non-Proliferation Studies, which collects data on the missile launch. Not only is it a surprisingly high number, it highlights a total failure of diplomacy and sanctions, individual tools that the world’s great powers have done to contain the renegade countries.

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OnePlus 5 Leaked GeekBench Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8+

OnePlus 5 Leaked GeekBench Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8+


 OnePlus 5 Leaked GeekBench Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8+

OnePlus 5 Leaked GeekBench Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8+ While the OnePlus 5 still has the vague launch timeline of ‘Summer’ this year, the smartphone’s benchmark performance has made its way to the Internet. If the leaked GeekBench scores are to be believed, the upcoming flagship from OnePlus outperforms two other smartphones that also feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is expected to be present on OnePlus 5 as well.OnePlus 5 GeekBench fuite Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8 + Alors que OnePlus 5 a toujours le vague calendrier de lancement de ‘Summer’ cette année, la performance de référence du smartphone a fait son chemin vers Internet. Si les résultats de GeekBench perdus sont à croire, le nouveau phare de OnePlus surpassera deux autres smartphones qui incluent également le Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, qui devrait également être présent sur OnePlus 5.

Selon une image filtrée, obtenue par GSMArena, le smartphone OnePlus 5 a obtenu un score impressionnant de 1963 (single-core) et un score gigantesque 6687 (multi-core). Fait intéressant, les résultats multi-core ont aidé le téléphone à sécuriser le top spot de la liste GeekBench 4. En termes de performance unique, le téléphone a été en retard sur l’iPhone 7 Plus de Apple et la variante de processeur Exynos 8895 du smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 +.
Aunque el OnePlus 5 todavía tiene la cronología de lanzamiento vaga de ‘Verano’ este año, el desempeño de referencia del smartphone ha hecho su camino a la OnePlus 5 Leaked GeekBench Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8 + While the OnePlus 5 still has the vague launch timeline of ‘Summer’ this year, the smartphone’s benchmark performance has made its way to the Internet. If the leaked GeekBench scores are to be believed, the upcoming flagship of OnePlus outperforms two other smartphones that also feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is expected to be present on OnePlus 5 as well.OnePlus 5 GeekBench fits Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8 + Alors OnePlus 5 toujours le vague calendrier de lancement de ‘Summer’ cette année, the performance of référence du smartphone a fait are chemin vers Internet. If you are the owner of GeekBench, please note that the phone number of the OnePlus will be surpassed by other smartphones including Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which may be deferred to one or more of the OnePlus 5.

Selon unites image filter, obtain pair GSMArena, the smartphone OnePlus 5 to obtain an impressing score of 1963 (single-core) and a gigantic score 6687 (multi-core). In terms of performance unique, the Téléphone à été en retard sur l’iPhone 7 Plus de Apple et la variante de proceseur Exynos 8895 Du smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 +.
Although the OnePlus 5 still has the vague launch chronology of ‘Summer’ this year, smartphone benchmark performance has made its way to the Internet. If the filtered GeekBench scores are believed, OnePlus’ next flagship outperforms two other smartphones that also feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is expected to be featured on OnePlus 5 as well. OnePlus 5 GeekBench Fuite Scores Outdo Snapdragon 835-Powered Samsung Galaxy S8 + Alors than OnePlus 5 to always the vague lancement schedule of ‘Summer’ this year, the reference performance of the smart phone to his son w-Exon of the Galaxy S8 + to Surpass Serial Snapdragon 835 son in des tests de référence antérieurs.In comparison, Samsung Galaxy S8 + (Snapdragon version 835) gets a score of 1929 in a single core and 6084 in multi-core, while Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium smartphone gets a score of 1943 in a single core and 5824 In multi-Core, selon le rapport. As two smartphones can also process Snapdragon 835, the performance of OnePlus 5 semble extrêmement impressnante.Other than the phone’s functions, the screen capture is also compatible with Android phone Android 7.1.1 Nougat based on the company’s own OxygenOS.The performance of the production units can vary depending on the units of detail and that is why the consultants of the service providers that offer the OnePlus service 5.According to a filtered screenshot, obtained by GSMArena, the smartphone OnePlus 5 obtained an impressive score of 1963 (single-core) and a gigantic 6687 (multi-core) score. Interestingly, multi-core results helped the phone get the top spot on the GeekBench 4 list as well. As for the performance of a single core,ay to the Internet. If GeekBench results are lost, the new OnePlus phare also includes other smartphones that also include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which can also be present in OnePlus 5.

Selon unites image filter, obtain pair GSMArena, the smartphone OnePlus 5 obtained an impressive result of 1963 (single-core) and a gigantic score 6687 (multi-core). GeekBench 4. In terms of unique performance, the summer phone on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the Exynos 8895 processor variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 + smartphone.

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I Followed Fundamental Rules Of Cracking Any Exam, i.e. Focussed And Balanced Approach With Proper Time Management


—Shitanshu Chaurasiya, IAS Topper2013 (58th Position)




Finally, that day arrived where I met ■ other aspirants full of either nervousness or excitement. I was engaging myself with other aspirants and also enjoying the absorbing environment at the UPSC.

I was the fourth person on the list and entered that room with a broad smile. I adapt myself to situation very quickly, so I was very comfortable. They asked me questions from all aspects of my life, ranging from hobbies, IFS, International Relations, past job profile, past company, corruption, technology, Electrical Engineering and finally my hometown.

I used to add a pinch of humour to my answers, especially when they asked about folk dances of different States. Thus, mood of the room was lively and cordial. During the interview itself, they appreciated the fact that I am very focussed on my goal since my interest (travelling), hobbies (photography and trekking) and aspiration (Indian Foreign Service) were in coherence.

Then, they asked me about Electrical Engineering and importance of technology to combat corruption, crime and improvement of farmers. One member asked me to give only innovative ideas on how one can improve the life of farmers which I was anticipating. Thus, I took a pause after seeking the Board’s approval and gave a very structured answer. The Interview lasted for 30 odd minutes and I enjoyed every moment of it. It was indeed a very good discussion with five top-class bureaucrats. The end result was that I managed to get healthy 225/300 marks in the Interview. Also, after one month, I had another UPSC interview for Indian Engineering Services and I got 134/200 and rank of AIR 2 in the IES 2012.


There were five Board Members, including the Chairman who was sitting in the middle.

I asked for their permission to sit down and the Chairman told me to sit

ShiUmshu Chaurasiya
IAS Topper 2013
(58th Position)

and be comfortable.

Chairman: So Mr. Shitanshu, is your hobby, i.e. travelling and first preference for the IFS interrelated?

Chaurasia: Yes, it is one of the reasons of opting for the IFS.

Chairman: What are others?

Chaurasia: My work experience gave me immense international exposure that motivated me to join the IFS which will be a step ahead as I will get a chance to represent my country.

Chairman: List the places which you have travelled.

Chaurasia: In India, I have travelled to many States from Jammu & Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan to West Bengal. Outside India, I have travelled to South Korea, Hong Kong and Nepal.

Chairman: (With a smile) Tell me one of the best things about South Korea.

Chaurasia: In my opinion, Koreans have preserved their culture and traditions along with development, which is quite commendable.

Chairman: Tell me a bad thing about Nepal.

Chaurasia: As a tourist, I observed that there is a serious lack of infrastructure and there corruption is also rampant.

Chairman: Why did you leave your job?

Second Member:               Electrical

Engineering or Geography, which subject do you like more?

Chaurasia: Electrical Engineering.

Second Member: Why?

Chaurasia: Electrical Engineering is more than a subject to me. I have invested eight years of my life in this field. It was the most integral phase of my life in which I had learnt various aspects of life.

Second Member: Like?

Chaurasia: It helped me to be a more analytical and innovative person.

Second Member: (With a sarcastic smile) OK fine, how can technology help farmers ? Give us innovative ideas only.

Chaurasia: Sir, I need some time to think over it.

Second Member: Sure, take your time.

(I thought to give ideas which may not be technologically feasible at present but could be possible in near future.) After few seconds,

Chaurasia: Financial Inclusion can be achieved by connecting villages with communication links to give direct benefit to farmers without leakages. For that, business correspondence will collect savings of farmers by using a hand-held digital machine to ensure proper collection with bar-code receipts. Solar-powered portable ATM machines shall be placed in central premises of the village under cooperative security. The introduction of big screen in the choupal area which will broadcast update on minimum support prices, open market prices, prices of fertilisers, pesticides and important Government schemes.

Second Member: Tell me more ideas?

(With a faint smile)

Chaurasia: Use of GPS-enabled soil health card with a sensor which will sense soil and will give details of necessary deficient minerals and micronutrients of Soil, their required quantities and also suggest suitable fertilisers. It will update central soil database so that Government can formulate proactive regional policy of fertilisers and pesticides pricing along with Integrated Nutrient Management.

(Suddenly Chairman gave a nod and ashed me further)

Chairman: How technology can address health issues of villagers?

Chaurasia: Telemedicine can be……..

(Chairman stopped me after hearing telemedicine and I noticed very big smile on the

I used to read interviews of successful candidates from CSR which helped me to develop a technique of putting the best foot forward during my Interview.

—Shitanshu Chaurasiya, IAS Topper 2013 (58th Position)

faces of Board Members. Then the Third Member took charge of a next question.)

Third Member: You referred to corruption in Nepal. Tell me the main reason of corruption in India.

Chaurasia: It is difficult to trace history of corruption in India, but in my opinion, it got triggered during licence raj period when our economy was mostly closed and there was a lot of discretionary power given to authorities for awarding contracts and licences. Thus, there was a severe lack of transparency and accountability in governance, hence more corruption. Soon, giving bribes became common practice to get our things done easily and quickly.

(Again the Chairman came in to ask me the next question.)

Chairman: Do you think that by removing discretionary power, we can remove corruption too?

Chaurasia: Corruption is the end result of many factors and discretionary power is one of them. In some cases, discretionary powers are required for quick and effective governance. But we can minimise it by making laws and proper procedural guidelines.

Third Member: What are the difficulties in controlling corruption? How to overcome them?

Chaurasia: First of all, there is large inertia of corrupt practices which has been followed for many years. Thus, it will take time to settle down only after enforcing better transparent practices. Secondly, common man has lost faith in governance and police. Thus, confidence-building measures shall be taken to make people more comfortable dealing with police and other public departments.

Third Member: As a technical person, tell me how will you combat corruption, if you become a DM?

Chaurasia: I will make redressal mechanism more effective, using mediums like the Internet and mobile phones and will also make a scrutinising committee under me which will seriously look into all the complaints. Also, we can have a digital complaint box placed in the premises of important departments which will record audio and visuals of complainant. Thus, by these measures, we can get close to public and their problems and rectify them timely.

Third Member: Do you think these measures are sufficient in combating corruption?

Chaurasia: These are only few initiatives which can be used in combating this menace which are ineffective without public support.

(Chairman asked the Fourth Member to ask questions)

Fourth Member: Other than the Tajmahal, what is the most important thing about Agra?

Chaurasia: Agra is one of the few places in the world like Jerusalem where two faiths were born, i.e. Din-e-Ilahi and Radhaswami faiths.

(I saw curiosity in Chairman’s yes and she asked me the next question.)

Chairman: Tell us more about Agra?

Chaurasia: Apart from many cultural sites, Agra has the Central Institute of Hindi i.e. only dedicated institute for research and teaching of Hindi as a foreign and second language. Also, Agra has many colleges and universities of early 19th and 20th centuries like SN Medical College, Agra College and Dayalbagh Institute.

Fourth Member:1JHow did Agra get’ its name?

Chaurasia: I don’t know exactly when Agra got its name, but I know it is based on the tribe Agaria which used to live in a place called Agrevana mentioned in Mahabharata, which coincides with current location of Agra.

(Chairman interrupted)

Chairman: Thank you Mr. Shitanshu, good to see your focus.

Chaurasia: (With broadest smile) Thank you very much, Ma’am.

Hence, abruptly my Interview got over and I was a little sceptical about my answers, especially to innovative questions on corruption and farmers. But getting a compliment in the end was a good sign and finally it got reflected in my marks, as I got healthy 225/300 marks in the Personality Test.