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Uttar Pradesh police detain Dalit protesters who wanted to present Adityanath with giant bar of soap

Uttar Pradesh police detain Dalit protesters who wanted to present Adityanath with giant bar of soap

Uttar Pradesh police detain Dalit protesters who wanted to present Adityanath with giant bar of soap

More than 70 Dalit rights activists were detained by the Uttar Pradesh Police in Jhansi and Lucknow to prevent the filing of a bar of 125 lb Adityanath prime minister. Lucknow police also arrested Dalit activists Monday outside the press club in the city where they had to decide on a press conference on their soap claim.

The offensive began on Sunday when Jhansi police forced 43 dalits, adivasis and other Gujarat class protesters back to leave the Sabarmati Express and detained them in a guesthouse. Demonstrators, Dr. Ambedkar Vechan Pratibandh Samiti, had left Gujarat Saturday night and headed Lucknow’s intention to put the Adityanath 125 kg soap.

It was a symbolic protest against the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision in May to distribute soap and shampoo to the Dala families Musahar of a village in Kushinagar district in order to be “clean” before Chief Minister Adityanath will visit the village . The protest plan included organizing a press conference on Monday a meeting with the Dalit groups of Uttar Pradesh and a visit to the office to deliver Adityanath bar of giant soap. Authorizations for all events had already been obtained.

However, when activists in Gujarat crossed the Uttar Pradesh border, the railroad police entered their train, all 43 of the militants gathered in a single compartment, and a Gujarat Dalit rule was dropped in Jhansi, said Martin Macwan. Helped organize the event.

“The police took our activists to a guest house and claimed that they had made arrangements for them because they were concerned about their safety,” Macwan said. “But then, the police arrested them by force in the guest house is not allowed in or out, and on Monday morning, take them on a train to Gujarat.”

Macwan says the police also remove activists from mobile phones and made them later, after protesting against the measure.

According to a police officer in the Jhansi circle office, activists were arrested on the order of senior officials to avoid public order problem. “We learned from the railway police thought the demonstrators were fighting each other,” said the officer. He added that they were arrested because authorities feared that the recurrence of a “Saharanpur-like incident”, referring to the interrelationships casteuses disturbances that occurred in the saharhaise city of Uttar Pradesh in May.

While Gujarat protesters were treated in Jhansi, activists claim that police arrested 22 protesters dalit Lucknow Bundelkhand and other parts of Uttar Pradesh when they arrived in the state capital to participate in the demonstration scheduled for Monday.

Activists had arrived in Lucknow Sunday night and organizers of the protest had arranged for them to stay at an inn Nehru Yuva Kendra. “But on Sunday night, police had gheraoed [surrounded] the inn and kept them obligated to maintain,” said Ram Kumar, a Dalit leader of the dynamic Action Group, one of the organizations that planned the gathering and press conference.

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Why London-educated BJP MP Swapan Dasgupta needs to read Hannah Arendt more closely

Why London-educated BJP MP Swapan Dasgupta needs to read Hannah Arendt more closely

Why London-educated BJP MP Swapan Dasgupta needs to read Hannah Arendt more closely

The reaction of the Bharatiya Janata Party to anti-lynchist events “Not in my name” in at least 10 cities Wednesday was revealing. Anyway, the protest was organized and without initiative Congress party lifeless, there were no family skills.

Then it was the accusation that those present in different cities to oppose the recent lynchings were the same as always, all enemies of Modi and the BJP. But a particularly offensive response had Swapan Dasgupta, BJP MP of Rajya Sabha. In The Times of India, he acknowledged that lynchings were reprehensible, but raised issues with “Not in my name.”

Those who show the signs, he said, are guilty of exercising “social condescension” for the unwashed masses who worship the cow, he said. His real beef is not with Lynch mobs but with the ban on eating beef. They are home to “social condescension” to Hindu popular culture and despise believers as “raw vegetarian island, neo-read and write and that is Ram.” Their “cosmopolitanism without roots” somehow external to India.

Dasgupta is a historian trained with a SOAS degree in London. So you should not be familiar with the historical role of resentment against “rooted cosmopolitanism.” The Nazis regularly criticized Jews as uprooted cosmopolitans, alien to the Aryan culture of the German nation. This propaganda was at the heart of the totalitarian mobilization of the population.
The dilemma of totalitarian movements, as Hannah Arendt recalls, is that they exist in a non-totalitarian world. Therefore, they are forced to resort to propaganda aimed at non-totalitarian strata and outside the home. This is not only for the classification of strata identified as external, but also for winning those who are no longer in the fold. Therefore, he said, the Führer regularly entertained his generals with monstrous lies during the war. It was for the victory. Calling the Nazis, Stalin avoided anti-Semitism in the 1940s to impregnate Jewish cosmopolitan intellectuals as hidden enemies of Russian patriotism.

We hear abuse “Libtards” and “sickulars”. Campaigns against minorities are also old. Bal Thackeray was at its peak against the Indians of the South and communists as foreigners in Mumbai, illegally depriving most of the “Marathi Manoos.” Bombay experienced the toxic effect of its vitriolic rhetoric against Muslims in 1992-1993 – a fact recorded by the Srikrishna Commission. Very familiar is the exclusion of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Hindutva Muslims.

The rule against “rooted cosmopolitanism” is also a family burden. But what makes the significant burden now is the bottom almost daily reports of violence by leftists and the lynching of Muslims. The surveillance of the multitude occurs without taking into account the real facts of the slaughter of cows. The public does not have to witness an act of massacre or identify those involved in illegal trade in animals. He did not need facts, because it has been said, and convinced that such actions are hidden.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be NASA’s Next Planetary Protection Officer?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be NASA’s Next Planetary Protection Officer?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be NASA’s Next Planetary Protection Officer?

The survival of life on Earth (and other parts) can rest on the shoulders of the next head of NASA’s Planetary Protection – and they are having the applications.

The job offer has provoked headlines on how the space agency is looking for a person to defend our planet against foreigners. But he is more concerned about microorganisms than the little green men.

And it is true that the role is to prevent the Earth from being contaminated with extraterrestrial material, for example from samples taken from the mission, work was also focused on preventing the pollution of Earth planets and moons that humans to explore.

Ari Shapiro from NPR talked about working with someone who knows what is needed – former planetary protection chief Michael Meyer. He is now the chief scientist of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program.

Prepare the solution for March, the simulated mission Explore the Utah desert
Gradually, as researchers explore places that could harbor life, “when you do samples, there is a possibility that you bring something into the life of another planet,” Meyer said.

“In this case, care must be taken to maintain these samples until it can be determined whether or not they can be dangerous in these samples.”

Explain that “the same kind of work is that you have to be conservative,” because we can not know if an alien sample is dangerous or not.

In the same way, scientists look for life, which does not want to confuse an underground microbial Earth with a revolutionary discovery of life on another planet.

Fossils indicate how to look for life on Mars
That’s why Meyer has spent his time “to make sure the ship was traveling somewhere else was actually pretty clean, so you do not mind polluting the planet we’re trying to explore.”

It also highlights a number of potentially unexpected skills that are useful: diplomacy.

The planetary protection officer “is in charge of other countries also sending spacecraft to the targets of opportunity like Mars and [the moon of Jupiter] Europe.” The European Space Agency also has a similar role, but other countries with space programs do not.

Scientists find evidence that Saturn’s moon Enceladus could be hospitable to life
“We are not in the business of telling other countries how to run their business, but we must be careful what they do because when we work with them, it is our responsibility for NASA to ensure as we explore safely,” added Meyer .

However, all missions do not require the same level of cleanliness. He explains that “planetary protection has a gradation of concerns.”

For example, sending a spacecraft to an asteroid that is not considered to have life potential requires a less conservative approach than sending a spacecraft to Mars. In places that could harbor life, Meyer said, “you have to sterilize spacecraft or sterilize instruments that can affect the region.”

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Will Swift-Tuttle hit or miss?

Will Swift-Tuttle hit or miss?

Will Swift-Tuttle hit or miss?

Have you heard of the comet called 109P / Swift-Tuttle? Although the P indicates that this is a periodic comet (orbital period of less than 200 years), Swift-Tuttle is the two individuals who discovered the comet at the same time, days between them.

Comets are usually named after their discoverer or telescope or the Observatory used in the discovery.

In the case of this comet, however, Lewis Swift was discovered on July 16, 1862, and Horace Parnell Tuttle did the same ways July 19, 1862. Therefore, it was just that the comet is the name of the two.

Taking 133 years to orbit the Sun once, Swift-Tuttle kite is large with a core that exceeds 26 km. A ball of ice dust, rock and a dark organic matter like any other comet, follows a very pronounced inclination with respect to the planets of the solar system.

Consequently, this comet brings much speed as it passes through the Earth as it plunges into the solar system to approach the sun and go. In fact, the spectacular meteor shower that you see every August in mid-August is created by the dust and debris of the Swift-Tuttle.

Despite the kite that takes 133 years to traverse Earth, star rain, which is among the most popular for spectators in the northern hemisphere every year occurs as a result of the earth moving in the orbit track of the Kite.

This connection between the comet and meteor shower was discovered within three years after the discovery of the comet – by Giovanni Schiaparelli in 1865.

Catastrophic forecast

While everything was fine for more than a century after its discovery, a catastrophic prediction was made in 1973.

With limited observational data available and based on comet orbit calculations, astronomer Brian Marsden of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics predicted that comet Swift-Tuttle might collide with Earth in 2126.

Observation in 1992

This meant that the observation of the comet during its approach in 1992 became even more important. With the technology available to them, astronomers were able to obtain accurate measurements during their last visit.

Based on these data, and the incorporation of complex calculations to take into account the gravitational effects of the sun and other planets of the comet, a revised model was obtained for its movement.

The observation in 1992, and relatives of data close to Earth, have allowed astronomers to be convinced, without a doubt that the collision in 2126 will be virtually impossible. Having said that, however, it is not possible to exclude the collision forever.

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Oldest known asteroid family discovered

Oldest known asteroid family discovered

Oldest known asteroid family discovered

Astronomers have identified the oldest known family of asteroids, which extends throughout the interior of the main asteroid belt, using a new research technique.

The main belt contains a large number of irregularly shaped asteroids, also called planetesimals that orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter.

As technology improvement telescopes are smaller and more distant asteroids, astronomers at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in the United States identified bodies similar groups grouped in similar orbits.

These familiar objects are probably fragments of catastrophic collisions among the largest asteroids long ago, the researchers said.

Finding and studying families of asteroids allows scientists to better understand the history of asteroids in the main belt.

“By identifying all the families of the main belt, we can determine which asteroids were formed by collisions that could be some of the original members of the asteroid belt,” said Kevin Walsh, the astronomer SwRI.

“We have identified all known families and their members and found a huge gap in the main belt, inhabited by a handful of asteroids,” said Walsh, co-author of the research published in the journal Science.

“These relics should be part of the original asteroid belt. This is the real price, to see what the main belt looks like right after its formation,” he said.

The identification of the oldest families of asteroids, a billion years, is difficult, because over time, an extension of the family, according to researchers.

When asteroids in orbit around the sun, their surfaces heat up during the day and cool at night. This creates waves that can be a kind of mini-propeller, causing the asteroid to drift widely over time.

After thousands of years, family members would be almost impossible to identify until now.

The team used a new technique, looking for data on asteroids from the inner region of the tape to the old and separated families. They looked for the “edges” of the families, these fragments have moved away.

“Each family member is derived from the family center in a way that depends on their size, with young children getting faster and farther than the older,” said team leader Marco Delbo, an astronomer Observatory of the French Riviera in Nice, France.

“If you are looking for size and distance correlations, you can see the shape of the old families,” Delbo said.

“The family we have identified has no name because it is unclear what the asteroid father is,” Walsh said.

“This family is so old it seems to have formed there more than 4 billion years ago before the gas giants in the outer solar system moved to their current orbits,” a-t said.

The team plans to apply this new technology to the entire asteroid belt to reveal more about the history of the solar system by identifying primordial asteroids and fragments of collisions.

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South China Sea dispute: Vietnam challenges China at security talks

South China Sea dispute: Vietnam challenges China at security talks

South China Sea dispute: Vietnam challenges China at security talks

MANILA: Vietnam has urged other Southeast Asian countries to take a stronger stand against Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea, while a tense regional security forum began on Saturday with North Korea also criticized for Its nuclear program.

Prior to the launch of the 10-member ASEAN East Asian Foreign Ministers’ annual meeting, Vietnam has made a bold play against China with a series of suggested changes to a planned joint communique.

It paved the way for a few days of diplomacy in the Philippine capital, Chinese diplomats, the US, Russia and North Korea have joined their counterparts from ASEAN and other countries Asia and the Pacific for talks Of security Sunday.

The meetings will be held when the UN Security Council will vote this weekend in a resolution drafted in the United States to reinforce sanctions against North Korea to punish the isolated regime for its missile tests.

The United States said it will also seek to create unified pressure in the North, in the case of Manila – known as the ASEAN Regional Forum.

Following their own day of Saturday meetings, ASEAN Foreign Ministers issued a joint statement expressing “serious concerns” over the first two North Intercontinental Ballistic Missile tests conducted last month.

“These developments seriously threaten peace, security and stability in the region and the world,” the statement said.

But the conflict in the South China Sea – one of the other powder problems in Asia – did not have much less consensus with Vietnam that resisted Philippine efforts to appease Beijing, diplomats told AFP.

On Friday night, Vietnam has tried to insert a difficult language against China in an ASEAN statement, which was to be released after Southeast Asian ministers have completed their own talks Saturday.

According to a copy of a draft obtained by the AFP, Vietnam has pressed for ASEAN to express its deep concern about the “construction” at sea, in reference to the construction of ramps built in China by artificial islands in the waters in Dispute in recent years.

Vietnam also wanted ASEAN underlined in the statement that a code of conduct intended for the sea with China would be “legally binding” that Beijing opposes.

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Chinese media thinks PLA can annihilate Indian Army. Can they? A fact check

Chinese media thinks PLA can annihilate Indian Army. Can they? A fact check

Chinese media thinks PLA can annihilate Indian Army. Can they? A fact check

Doklam broadcast between the Indian Army and the Chinese Liberation Army began in the month of June. In July, a report from the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General), presented in Parliament, said that the Indian army has no ammunition to fight in a war for more than 10 days.

And now – in August – Chinese state media said the Chinese PLA could “destroy” the Indian army if a war broke out between two armed Asian neighbors.
A Global Times – a spokesman for the Chinese government’s hardline – section said: “If the war extends, PLA is fully capable of annihilating all Indian troops in the border region.”

The article in Global Times described the Indian Army as “far behind” the force compared to the PLA. He said: “It is a war with an obvious result because the PLA has done enough preparation for the military confrontation. The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi must be aware of the power of the car and the logistics of the PLA.”

The pretension of Chinese state media demands a glimpse of how the armies of India and China are stacked. According to the Global Firepower website – following the military forces of more than 100 countries – India and China are ranked among the 4 and 3 133 military powers of the world.

China’s PLA is the largest military power in terms of number of troops employed by the latter followed by the Indian army. China has approximately 22.6 lakh soldiers in its army, while the Indian army has 13.6 lakh troops active. This gives China a specific numerical advantage over India, but there are other factors at play.

If the elements of the reserve army are taken into account, China’s relative position weakens relative to India. The Indian Army has about 28.44 lakh soldiers from the reserve while the Chinese PLA has about 14.52 lakh soldiers in the reserve elements.
According to statistics of global firepower, total military personnel in the Indian Army is about 42.07 lakh while for the Chinese PLA, the total force is at 37.12 lakh. The Indian Army has 4,426 tanks while the Chinese PLA 6457.

This number seems larger on paper, but in reality, Chinese tanks should be made in a much larger border area compared to India. On the other hand, the Indian army has 6,704 armored combat vehicles, while PLA has only 4788.

China has a numerical advantage in self-propelled artillery with 1710 to 290 from India. China also has 1,770 rocket projectors compared to 295 in the Indian Army. But in towed artillery, the Indian Army is still numerically superior Chinese PLA. The Indian Army has 7414 artillery towed, while PLA has 6246 this type of vehicles.

China has 1,271 fighter jets and interceptor while the Indian Army has 676 jets of this type. Similarly, China has 1,385 aircraft then attack the Indian air army has 809 combat aircraft. But the critical point here again is that the area over which China has put its service department is almost three times that of India.

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Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing Deadline Ends In Few Hours: 10 Things To Know

Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing Deadline Ends In Few Hours: 10 Things To Know

Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing Deadline Ends In Few Hours: 10 Things To Know

Ugust 5 étant le délai pour produire la déclaration d’impôt sur le revenu (ITR) pour l’exercice financier 2016-17, il vous reste seulement quelques heures pour le faire sans pénalité. Le gouvernement a prolongé le délai de dépôt de la déclaration de revenus (ITR) pour l’exercice financier 2016-17 au 5 août à partir du 31 juillet précédent.

Hier, le service de l’impôt sur le revenu a ajouté que ses bureaux extérieurs resteraient ouverts jusqu’à minuit aujourd’hui pour faciliter le dépôt de l’impôt sur le revenu (ITR).

Vous avez également la possibilité de déposer votre déclaration de revenus en ligne. Le dépôt en ligne de la déclaration de revenus est très pratique et assure également le secret de vos informations personnelles. (Lire: Comment déposer un relevé d’impôt sur le revenu en ligne)

10 choses à savoir sur la déclaration de revenus de cette année:

1) La liaison du numéro Aadhaar avec le PAN (Numéro de compte permanent) d’un contribuable a été rendue obligatoire pour le dépôt d’un ITR, à compter du 1er juillet. Bien que les déclarations de revenus puissent être déposées avant le 5 août, le lien Aadhaar-PAN peut Soit jusqu’au 31 août.

2) Aux fins du dépôt électronique, il suffirait maintenant de citer Aadhaar ou le numéro d’accusé de réception pour avoir demandé Aadhaar sur le site de dépôt électronique.

3) Le service fiscal a néanmoins averti que les retombées (ITR) ne seront pas traitées tant que le lien d’Aadhaar avec PAN n’est pas terminé. (Lire: Comment associer PAN-Aadhaar en 3 voies)

4) Cette année, le service des impôts a également demandé aux contribuables de déclarer les dépôts en espèces effectués dans des comptes bancaires cumulés à Rs. 2 lakh ou plus, après la démonetisation entre le 9 novembre et le 30 décembre de l’année dernière, dans leur retour.
5) Les experts disent que les contribuables doivent faire preuve de prudence tout en réclamant des prestations HRA. On s’attend à ce que les réclamations d’HRA soient étroitement examinées compte tenu de l’introduction constante de mesures au cours des dernières années, affirme Sandeep Sehgal, directeur de la fiscalité et de la réglementation chez Ashok Maheshwary & Associés LLP.

“En fait, les chances sont plus grandes si la réclamation n’apparaît pas dans le Formulaire 16 mais réclamé dans le retour”, ajoute-t-il. (Lire: Pouvez-vous réclamer les avantages fiscaux d’HRA sans PAN du propriétaire?)

6) Le dépôt de la déclaration de revenus (ITR) a changé cette année en ce qui concerne les formulaires à utiliser. Le Département de l’impôt sur le revenu a prescrit de nouveaux formulaires pour le dépôt des déclarations de revenus.

Un formulaire simplifié d’une page, appelé «ITR-1 Sahaj», a été introduit pour les personnes ayant un revenu provenant du salaire, de la pension, des biens d’une maison et des revenus provenant d’autres sources. Le service fiscal a supprimé des colonnes qui ne sont pas fréquemment utilisées par les contribuables. (Lire: Changements clés à connaître cette année)

7) Après avoir envoyé le retour, vous devez le vérifier. Selon les lois fiscales actuelles, vous pouvez vérifier votre retour dans les 120 jours suivant le dépôt. Une fois qu’un retour est déposé par e-filed, le service de l’impôt sur le revenu envoie l’ITR-V à l’identifiant du courrier électronique enregistré.
La vérification peut être effectuée tant hors ligne que en ligne. En mode hors connexion, vous devez signer l’ITR-V et l’envoyer au service des impôts. Le mode de vérification en ligne est plus facile et peut se faire instantanément via les modes Aadhaar OTP et Internet banking entre autres.

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SpaceX scrubs Sunday launch attempt with Intelsat relay satellite

SpaceX scrubs Sunday launch attempt with Intelsat relay satellite

SpaceX scrubs Sunday launch attempt with Intelsat relay satellite

A computer-activated switch stopped the countdown of a Falcon 9 Sunday rocket at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, returning the next mission to launch SpaceX at least until Monday.

The Falcon 9 229 foot high rocket represented the take off with an Intelsat satellite communication at 7:36. EDT (2336 GMT) Monday, and a happy afternoon weather forecast gave way to clear skies, while clocks coincide with the launch.

An automatic sequencer sends commands to charge the two-stage rocket with RP-1 oil-over-cooled propellants and liquid oxygen, and Falcon 9 conductors were prepared for the ignition and fuel tanks were pressurized for launch in the last minutes Countdown Sunday.

But the clocks were stopped within 9 seconds after a computer monitored the predefined criteria in the guide, navigation and control of the rocket has ordered an automatic break. SpaceX’s launch director cleared the launch attempt on Sunday a few minutes later, while the engineers studied the problem.

“We had a vehicle abhorrence criteria breached in 10 seconds, a criterion of CNG (Guidance, Navigation and Control),” said the launch director. “We always look at what it is today.

“We can not recover today without exceeding the end of the window, so they are officially cleaned,” he said. “Go ahead and put a 24-hour recycling to work.”

SpaceX Falcon began to drain the propulsion tanks 9 to 39A bar start soon after the exfoliation.

If SpaceX launch team can understand the problem and correct it if necessary, the Falcon 9 rocket could be reloaded again on Monday for a 58-minute launch window that culminate at 7:37. EDT (2337 GMT).

The launch of the Intelsat 35 communications satellite is the third of a series of Falcon 9 flights in the last two weeks. If the rocket exploded Sunday, it was the third Falcon 9 launch in just over nine days, and the second the same pitcher in Florida.

The pace of febrile activity at Cape Canaveral SpaceX facilities seeks to break the record for the fastest lap between pitches at 39A. SpaceX and Intelsat are eager to get the rocket from the ground in front of the US Army’s East Line is available to support the start-up after the July 4th holiday.

The Falcon 9 rocket assigned to the Intelsat 35 mission held a static test event Thursday night on platform 39A, less than 72 hours before the opening of the Sunday launch window. The ground teams overthrew Falcon 9 in their hangar Friday afternoon and are tied to the Intelsat satellite on the 35th rocket in time to return to the squad in the previous hours Sunday.

“We have had to add additional resources to try to transform the field in so little time,” said Ken Lee, senior vice president of space systems Intelsat, in a Sunday interview in Cape Canaveral. “More manpower – a lot of pressure – but, as usual, our team is mission-driven, so when they see a target, they’re going to do the best they can do to meet that date.

“We worked almost 24 hours at 24, and we were brought in by other engineers to make sure we did the work we had to do and no shortcuts.”

The 14,900-pound Intelsat 35 satellite communication, built by Boeing, is the heaviest spacecraft ever launched by SpaceX to a pole in geostationary orbit, a circular loop of over 22,000,000 (about 36,000 kilometers) Above the Earth’s equator commonly used by broadcasting stations and data relays.

At this altitude, orbital mechanics require a satellite to fly around the Earth at the same rotating speed, allowing a spacecraft to flies to a fixed location, an ideal place for communication applications.

Intelsat heavyweight 35e effectively “limits” the ability of Falcon 9 to lift a payload from this type of orbit, Lee said.

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Mumbai: Iconic Ambassador’s Sky Chef served eviction notice by airport authorities

Mumbai: Iconic Ambassador’s Sky Chef served eviction notice by airport authorities

Mumbai: Iconic Ambassador’s Sky Chef served eviction notice by airport authorities

Sky Chef Hotel Ambassador, a landmark near Mumbai International Airport, received a notice of eviction from the Mumbai airport authorities. According to reports, airport operators have done so, as they need land occupied by Sky Chef for operational purposes.

In a report published in The Times of India, Chief Sky Unit of Mumbai was responsible for meals during the flight since the 1980s. A source said: “On May 20, the 30-year lease land contract between the hotel and the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has expired and it has been decided not to renew the agreement.”

Airport authorities had hired privately, Marine Drive Pvt Ltd (MIAL), which served the notice, as they intend to expand their activities in the field of 15,000 square meters leased to Sky Chief.

A source told TOI that “it is close to the airport, and a critical route to expand airport operations. The land is not yet completed.” This is not the first case that MIAL has served a notice of eviction.

During the last week of May, Narang Hotels International Pvt. Ltd. (NIHPL), the owner of the hotel Ambassidor, asked Bombay Supreme Court to suspend the expulsion procedure.

In a statement to TOI, a source said: “After the expiration of the NIHPL and IAA license agreement, NIHPL has more rights on airport facilities, but insisted that the MIAL-NIHPL talks constituted a further extension of the License in the absence of an official formal agreement.

“So far, the court has not granted any aid to NIHPL, and the matter must be repeated on 11 July.

Ambassador Sky Chef started his restaurant business in 1942 when he used hotel catering in South Mumbai. Subsequently, the Mumbai unit has been installed in the ninety years after the IAA has built a new terminal in Sahar to cater exclusively to international flights.

In 1987, IAA leased a 15,000 m² parcel in NIHPL, which increased significantly. Just one kilometer from the international terminal and three kilometers from the national terminal, NIHPL increased to handle the catering contracts of a large number of national and international companies.

Currently, Sky Chef manages a compound unit of 2,50,000 and produces about 30,000 meals a day. Sky Chef is not the first institution to receive an AAI eviction notice. Earlier this year, the IAA served an eviction notice at the Hotel Leela Venture, when its contract, which was signed in 1986, expired.

The unit they had rented was 18,000 square meters of land. ATI stated that the hotel had violated the conditions of the contract and had not paid its fees to the AAI.

Finally, the IAA has terminated its contract with Leela after issuing an opinion for commissions to be paid and an order to return ownership on October 31, 2016. In February of this year, AAI was re-issuing notice expelling To court conflicts in hotels.