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Uttar Pradesh police detain Dalit protesters who wanted to present Adityanath with giant bar of soap

Uttar Pradesh police detain Dalit protesters who wanted to present Adityanath with giant bar of soap

Uttar Pradesh police detain Dalit protesters who wanted to present Adityanath with giant bar of soap

More than 70 Dalit rights activists were detained by the Uttar Pradesh Police in Jhansi and Lucknow to prevent the filing of a bar of 125 lb Adityanath prime minister. Lucknow police also arrested Dalit activists Monday outside the press club in the city where they had to decide on a press conference on their soap claim.

The offensive began on Sunday when Jhansi police forced 43 dalits, adivasis and other Gujarat class protesters back to leave the Sabarmati Express and detained them in a guesthouse. Demonstrators, Dr. Ambedkar Vechan Pratibandh Samiti, had left Gujarat Saturday night and headed Lucknow’s intention to put the Adityanath 125 kg soap.

It was a symbolic protest against the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision in May to distribute soap and shampoo to the Dala families Musahar of a village in Kushinagar district in order to be “clean” before Chief Minister Adityanath will visit the village . The protest plan included organizing a press conference on Monday a meeting with the Dalit groups of Uttar Pradesh and a visit to the office to deliver Adityanath bar of giant soap. Authorizations for all events had already been obtained.

However, when activists in Gujarat crossed the Uttar Pradesh border, the railroad police entered their train, all 43 of the militants gathered in a single compartment, and a Gujarat Dalit rule was dropped in Jhansi, said Martin Macwan. Helped organize the event.

“The police took our activists to a guest house and claimed that they had made arrangements for them because they were concerned about their safety,” Macwan said. “But then, the police arrested them by force in the guest house is not allowed in or out, and on Monday morning, take them on a train to Gujarat.”

Macwan says the police also remove activists from mobile phones and made them later, after protesting against the measure.

According to a police officer in the Jhansi circle office, activists were arrested on the order of senior officials to avoid public order problem. “We learned from the railway police thought the demonstrators were fighting each other,” said the officer. He added that they were arrested because authorities feared that the recurrence of a “Saharanpur-like incident”, referring to the interrelationships casteuses disturbances that occurred in the saharhaise city of Uttar Pradesh in May.

While Gujarat protesters were treated in Jhansi, activists claim that police arrested 22 protesters dalit Lucknow Bundelkhand and other parts of Uttar Pradesh when they arrived in the state capital to participate in the demonstration scheduled for Monday.

Activists had arrived in Lucknow Sunday night and organizers of the protest had arranged for them to stay at an inn Nehru Yuva Kendra. “But on Sunday night, police had gheraoed [surrounded] the inn and kept them obligated to maintain,” said Ram Kumar, a Dalit leader of the dynamic Action Group, one of the organizations that planned the gathering and press conference.