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Why London-educated BJP MP Swapan Dasgupta needs to read Hannah Arendt more closely

Why London-educated BJP MP Swapan Dasgupta needs to read Hannah Arendt more closely

Why London-educated BJP MP Swapan Dasgupta needs to read Hannah Arendt more closely

The reaction of the Bharatiya Janata Party to anti-lynchist events “Not in my name” in at least 10 cities Wednesday was revealing. Anyway, the protest was organized and without initiative Congress party lifeless, there were no family skills.

Then it was the accusation that those present in different cities to oppose the recent lynchings were the same as always, all enemies of Modi and the BJP. But a particularly offensive response had Swapan Dasgupta, BJP MP of Rajya Sabha. In The Times of India, he acknowledged that lynchings were reprehensible, but raised issues with “Not in my name.”

Those who show the signs, he said, are guilty of exercising “social condescension” for the unwashed masses who worship the cow, he said. His real beef is not with Lynch mobs but with the ban on eating beef. They are home to “social condescension” to Hindu popular culture and despise believers as “raw vegetarian island, neo-read and write and that is Ram.” Their “cosmopolitanism without roots” somehow external to India.

Dasgupta is a historian trained with a SOAS degree in London. So you should not be familiar with the historical role of resentment against “rooted cosmopolitanism.” The Nazis regularly criticized Jews as uprooted cosmopolitans, alien to the Aryan culture of the German nation. This propaganda was at the heart of the totalitarian mobilization of the population.
The dilemma of totalitarian movements, as Hannah Arendt recalls, is that they exist in a non-totalitarian world. Therefore, they are forced to resort to propaganda aimed at non-totalitarian strata and outside the home. This is not only for the classification of strata identified as external, but also for winning those who are no longer in the fold. Therefore, he said, the Führer regularly entertained his generals with monstrous lies during the war. It was for the victory. Calling the Nazis, Stalin avoided anti-Semitism in the 1940s to impregnate Jewish cosmopolitan intellectuals as hidden enemies of Russian patriotism.

We hear abuse “Libtards” and “sickulars”. Campaigns against minorities are also old. Bal Thackeray was at its peak against the Indians of the South and communists as foreigners in Mumbai, illegally depriving most of the “Marathi Manoos.” Bombay experienced the toxic effect of its vitriolic rhetoric against Muslims in 1992-1993 – a fact recorded by the Srikrishna Commission. Very familiar is the exclusion of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Hindutva Muslims.

The rule against “rooted cosmopolitanism” is also a family burden. But what makes the significant burden now is the bottom almost daily reports of violence by leftists and the lynching of Muslims. The surveillance of the multitude occurs without taking into account the real facts of the slaughter of cows. The public does not have to witness an act of massacre or identify those involved in illegal trade in animals. He did not need facts, because it has been said, and convinced that such actions are hidden.